Which Companies Are Going Full Remote?

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Which Companies Are Going Full Remote?

When the coronavirus hit the U.S. in March, the workforce went home. As lockdowns persist, many people are still working from home six months later, with no end in sight. To the disbelief of managers and CEOs everywhere, working remotely works and even provides many benefits. Many people enjoy it more than going into the office, and they’re still productive. Even juggling the distractions of home and teaching kids at home, workers are doing their jobs effectively. The experiment is working so well that more companies are signing on to keep working remotely and even closing now-useless offices. Tech giants Facebook and Twitter led the charge by saying they will continue to allow employees to work from home. So, which companies are going full remote?


Twitter is pledging to let employees work from home forever, if that’s what they want. If the role and situation allow it, the company will make it happen.


Square wants their employees to work where they feel most creative and comfortable. Once offices begin to reopen, “Squares” will still be allowed to work from home permanently.


Most of Shopify’s employees will be allowed to work from home indefinitely. They’ll keep offices closed until 2021 so that they can rework them for the new reality. Even after that, most employees will have permanent work-from-home status if they want it.


Slack is a business communications platform, offering chat rooms and private groups. They will give most of their employees the remote work option. The company will also increasingly hire employees to work remotely on a permanent basis.

Nationwide Insurance

The insurance giant has switched to a permanent work-from-home model for most of its workers. This makes it among the first insurance companies to go fully remote.


Salesforce is giving employees the option to work remotely until the end of the year. Beyond that, they are following the cues from local governments.


This digital currency exchange has become a remote-first company, and going forward, they will offer the option to work at home or in the office for a majority of roles.


Always at the forefront, Amazon has declared that “employees who work in a role that can effectively be done from home are welcome to do so until at least October 2.” Obviously, people who work in distribution centers can’t go remote, but many others can.