Why A Focus On Health And Safety Is Good For Business

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Going to work shouldn’t be a threat to life, but considering the amount of work-related fatalities every year (around 5,000 according to statistics), there is clearly a cause for concern. As a business owner, you need to wake up to this.

Business Health and Safety: An Introduction

Of course, many industries take steps to alleviate health and safety risks. Within the construction industry where the majority of fatalities take place, there are continued advances with safety equipment, including stronger safety harnesses and more durable clothing. Within laboratories and production plants working with potentially dangerous liquids and gases, measurement processes are used, not only to ensure product quality but to provide a safer working environment for staff. A mass flow meter is one such useful technology pertaining to these workplaces. Then there are those who spend a lot of time on the road, with business owners ensuring cars, lorries, and the like, are fitted out with the latest safety equipment to better protect their driving.

What Steps Have You Taken?

Steps are being taken then, and hopefully, no matter what type of business you are involved in, you take health and safety seriously too. It’s your moral and legal obligation as a business owner, as you are responsible for protecting the lives of your staff and customers in your workspace. Considering the examples we used above, what precautionary measures have you taken? Even if you don’t work with toxic chemicals, and even if your workers don’t  have to scale great heights to get work done, there are probably going to be dangers that pertain to your particular business. Think about and act on them today for the sake of your staff.

But know this. Not only will a focus on health and safety protect the lives of the people around you, but it will also protect your business. As our title suggests.

4 Reasons Why Health and Safety Are Important

A focus on health and safety is good for business, and these are the reasons why.

  • You are more likely to retain your best staff. After all, if your business is a health and safety nightmare, then it should be of no surprise to you that your best hires would want to move elsewhere. But by taking precautions, and by taking the lives of your employees seriously, you stand a better chance of keeping your top employees on board.

  • You will have less absences. Consider one of our previous articles on the issue of absences. As we suggested, the biggest causes of absence are sickness, accidents, and mental health issues. Should your business have little regard for health and safety, the first two causes are bound to be commonplace. However, you need to take note of any issues around mental health, because if your workplace is a disaster waiting to happen, your employees are bound to feel stress and suffer low morale as a consequence. So, if you want to reduce employee absence, ensure your business is safe to work in!
  • You will improve your reputation. With the vast range of social media and business review sites online, your business will come under fire if you don’t take health and safety seriously. And if an accident or fatality does take place, you can guarantee local, and even national media will have a field day slamming your company. However, should you take steps to protect your staff, you might receive positive word-of-mouth and an excellent reputation instead of something that is damning.
  • Your business will profit. By adhering to good health and safety practices, your staff will work more productively, and that will reflect on your profit line. Your insurance premiums will be reduced too when you make safety a priority. And, of course, you won’t suffer legal costs through personal injury claims when your business is built for safety. As a result, you will incur more profits and fewer losses, so if you ever needed a further incentive to risk-assess your business for dangers, let it be this one.

So, what can you do to improve health and safety in your business today? To ensure your staff don’t fall into an accident and fatality statistic, and to better protect your business, you need to place a focus on this one aspect as a #1 priority.

The survivability of your staff and your business depend upon it!

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