Why Restaurants Should Always Buy in Bulk

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Managing your restaurant’s budget can be a complicated and exhausting endeavor. Between paying rent, wages, insurance, and inventory costs, most small businesses and cafés struggle to stay afloat. That’s why finding new ways to save money without compromising your food and beverage quality is crucial.

In this article, we’re focusing on one key strategy that can help your establishment save a significant margin of money over time. We’re sharing the ins and outs of why restaurants should always buy in bulk. To learn more, continue reading the article below.

It Reduces the Cost Per Unit

The first and most immediate reason why businesses should always buy in bulk is because doing so reduces the cost per unit of products and ingredients. Since you’re purchasing a large quantity of a product all at once, a wholesale distributor will give you a lower price for your purchase.

Depending on the type of inventory you’re buying, this reduced cost per unit could save your restaurant from significant spending.

Bulk-Buying Tip Number One

Purchasing your inventory in bulk shipments can indeed reduce your overall spending on these products. However, don’t make the mistake of overlooking possible upfront fees.

Since bulk orders are more convenient for restaurants, many wholesale distributors have fees associated with this convenience. Therefore, ensure that you know the total cost of your bulk order before confirming it.

It Keeps Your Fridge and Shelves Stocked

Running a successful restaurant means that your inventory must always be stocked and prepared for customers. When your business runs low or runs out of an ingredient or product, it affects your business and also leaves customers unsatisfied.

However, when you buy your inventory in bulk, these shortages are much less likely to occur. Restaurants can set up consistent bulk shipments to ensure that new supplies are consistently being restocked in the store.

Bulk-Buying Tip Number Two

Café and restaurant owners shouldn’t buy all inventory items in bulk. Doing so is a major mistake that can drastically harm your budget. If you purchase too much of a product that sits on your shelf and doesn’t turn a profit, your business will lose money. For example, if you invest in a bulk shipment of vegetables that go untouched and unsold, you’ll have no choice but to throw them out and lose money as a result.

Avoid this disaster by starting with bulk investments of foods with longer shelf lives. For example, raw honey is a safe and reliable ingredient to invest in. Despite common misconceptions about raw honey, it does not expire. Check out our list below to see more foods to buy in bulk.

The Best Foods to Buy in Bulk

  • Honey
  • Nuts
  • Rice
  • Oats
  • Beans
  • Whole Spices

It Establishes Strong Wholesale Partnerships

Wholesale distributors have a significant impact on your restaurant. When running a food and beverage establishment, you rely on your wholesale distributor to supply your high-quality and delicious ingredients.

When you trust a consistent supplier to deliver your products, these businesses appreciate your consistent patronage and are more likely to accommodate your company.

Budgeting is no easy task. Commit to more bulk investments to help make your restaurant’s expenses more manageable.