Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Withdraw A Job Offer

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withdraw a job offer

It is important to remember as an employer and an employee that someone is always within their rights to withdraw a job offer or even reject one.

As a business owner you may feel under pressure when you are hiring for a job role and you could make the decision far too early. But don’t worry, if you decide that the person you have offered the job to is indeed not the right person, you are well within your rights to withdraw the offer and continue your search for the right employee.

This article on www.elliswhittam.com shows you why you are able to withdraw a job offer if you are worried that the person you are about to hire has had a bad history of illness and days off. Here are some of the other reasons you might think about withdrawing a job offer.

The employee you have chosen may have failed criminal background checks. In this case, you are legally allowed to revoke the job offer on the grounds that they have tried to mislead you.

Another reason could be that they fail a drugs test. Many companies will run drugs test on potential employees if they are going to be handling equipment or be face to face with the public. If your employee fails the test, you don’t need to hire them.

There are many different reasons which you might decide to withdraw a job offer, and you do not need to feel guilty for doing so.

Why should an offer NOT be withdrawn?

There are of course some instances where you should not be withdrawing your job offer, and these are usually when it is a discriminatory matter such as age, gender, race and religion. In this instance if you did try to withdraw an offer, the employee can gain legal aid.

For the employee…

If you are on the other end of this deal and your job offer is withdrawn, you will have the grounds to file a lawsuit against the employer if they do not give a suitable reason for this.

To minimize the chances of a job offer being withdrawn you will want to make sure that you are always straightforward and honest throughout the application process. It might be a thing that ‘everyone lies on their resume’ but you should always try and remain transparent so that you don’t cause any issues for yourself further down the line.

Always know your rights. Although your potential employer is within their rights to conduct background checks, there are instances in which they cannot do so without your permission, and if they do you can bring in a lawyer.

Make sure that you always get everything in writing. The first rule of business and contracts is to have every single thing in writing when possible. If you do receive a job offer, make sure to request a letter of confirmation as well as an explanation of what will happen if the offer is withdrawn.