Young Money President Todd Romer Talks Gen Y Finances, Why He Started Young Money, & His Belief That Failure is the Key to Success

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On Wednesday, May 30, 2012, Todd Romer, President of Young Money Events and Founder of Young Money Magazine spoke with Financial Bin’s David Domzalski about personal finances and entrepreneurship for Gen Y. He also explained the reason he started Young Money Magazine and Young Money Events — AND why he believes FAILURE is necessary for SUCCESS.

About Young Money —

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida Young Money was launched in 1999 to change the way young adults earn, manage, invest and spend money. Nearly 8 million copies of Young Money magazine were published from 1999 – 2009 along with a significant content presence at A separate division called Young Money Events was started in 2010 to bring relevant and in-person financial and entrepreneurship education to the college market titled Young Money LIVE. For more information, please visit



1.  Todd, can you walk us through your background briefly prior to Young Money?

2.  When did you start Young Money magazine and why?

3.  Why the transition from magazine publisher to public speaker? Do you feel this will be more effective in spreading your message?

4.  What is your goal with Young Money Events? Could you tell us a little about what you do with this?

5.  What kind of feedback and press have you received? How receptive is your target audience to the message?

6.  As you know, Financial Bin focuses on personal finance and entrepreneurship for Gen Y as well. What is one tip you always leave with the audience at your events?

7.  What are your future plans with Young Money? Where do you plan on bringing the tour in 2012 and 2013?

8. How can listeners contact you and find out more about Young Money?