5 Reasons Your Customers Hate Your Website

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Your Customers Hate Your Website

There is an art to creating a website that people love to use. Unfortunately for a business owner that relies on their website for their success, then there isn’t much time to slowly figure things out; the website has to be on point from the minute they launch. So what are the keys to making a person enjoy your site?

As a starting point, they shouldn’t hate it. If they don’t, then there’s every chance they might love it! Here’s how.

It’s Invasive

In today’s world, we’re all bombarded with images and sounds that we didn’t ask for. It happens with beeping horns, loud people, advertisements, and a lot of other noise issues. People tolerate it in the real world because they have no choice; online, they do have a choice, and they won’t tolerate it.

If your site is filled with pop-ups, invasive ads, or autoplay videos that play with the sound on, then you’ll have successfully annoyed them. People hit the ‘x’ button so fast when they’re annoyed. Don’t let that happen to you!

It’s Not Fast Enough

People have never been that patient, and they’re becoming less patient as things get faster and faster. Google, for instance, drew a lot of its success from not just the results that it shows – but how fast they show them. If your website is too slow to load its pages, then people will be gone before they even have a chance to see what you’re offering.

Also, keep in mind that you need to ensure your content is loading quickly for all your customers equally. The best CDN provider will ensure that your website loads for your international customers just as fast as it does for your local customers. Page loading time is something that’s within your control, so make sure you get it right.

It’s Overly Complicated

People don’t want to enter a virtual maze when they visit a website. They already know what they’re visiting for; give it to them! If you have too many pages or an overly complicated navigation system, then you’ll be inviting them to leave your site and go to the website of one of your competitors. Remember: simplicity is key.

The Text and Media are Poor

It doesn’t matter what your online business is: if your text and media (photographs, videos) are poor, then you’re unlikely to find anyone falling in love with your website. Worse than that, they won’t trust that your website is high quality. Invest in a copywriter for your website’s text, and make sure your images are original and high quality.

Your Contact Us Page

Finally, to an issue that really shouldn’t exist: the ‘contact us’ page. When people visit this page, it’s because they want to contact you. If what they find is not helpful, or doesn’t have enough info, then they’ll get annoyed. Included postal address, phone number, and email address. There’s no reason not to, and you’ll be making your customers lives a little easier in the process.