10 Easy Steps to Money-Saving Shopping

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10 easy steps to money-saving shopping


By: Eduwardo Ramirez

Shopping can be an expensive proposition, whether it be clothes, food, or electronics. Taking a few simple steps can save you a lot of money. Luckily, once learned, it will be very easy to implement these steps without thinking.

If you are buying clothes, or household goods, buying at thrift shops can be helpful. This is especially true for children s clothes or items. Not only that, the money you spend at a thrift shop usually goes to a good cause.

Ethnic Stores
When buying fruits and vegetables, or exotic items, sometimes an ethnic store can be beneficial. They offer great deals, and great quality items. Since they have low overhead they can have lower prices than large chains.

Farmers Markets
Here is a tip to save money shopping for fruits and vegetables. Farmers markets generally sell local, fresh, and often organic produce. If you can show up shortly before they close up, you can get great deals. They do not want to pack and carry the items home.

For electronics, and big ticket items this is especially true. Shopping online not only can get the best prices, but often it is an easy way to dodge huge sales tax bills. This is not always true, so be aware. Most retailers offer some sort of free or discount shipping, especially on m,ore expensive items.

Stock Up
When there are huge sales, especially on staples such as shampoo or toilet paper, stock up. This will do two things, save money of course, and make it more convenient on subsequent trips to the store. Sometimes you can get soap, or other household goods for steep discounts. This is easier if you have the storage space obviously, but even small items should be okay for most people to stock up on.

Using coupons, especially ones that can be doubled, or even tripled are a solid way to save money. Not only that, but sometimes they can be combined with store coupons or sales, to enable you to get free stuff. Some stores have double coupon days certain days of the week, so watch out.

Most grocery chains send out flyers on a weekly basis. They usually have varying sales on a lot of staples such as meat and fruits. If possible, pick the best deals and go to each store separately. Not only that, but stocking up on great deals for meat, and freezing can save even more money and time.

Online Classifieds
Many online classifieds have a section where you can buy and sell items. Buying things like appliances or sports equipment can save tons of money. This is almost always from individuals, so be sure to fully inspect the equipment.

Credit Cards
Credit cards, especially store cards sometimes offer huge savings. Using a store card for certain department store can almost always result in a good discount. Watch out for days where using the store card can save even more. Great if you have a store you frequent.

Shop the Edges
The best place to shop the grocery store is the edges. That is where the healthy staples are. Not only that, but that is where the cheaper items are. The prepackaged stuff is in the middle.

Once you implement savings strategies for smarter shopping you will save money. After a while you will not even need to think about it.

Eduwardo Ramirez writes about nutrition, shopping & flower delivery.

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