3 Reasons To Live In An Apartment Complex

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3 Reasons To Live In An Apartment Complex

When most people think of the American dream, they think of a single-family home. However, as society has become more modern, apartment complexes offer a wide variety of benefits that you can’t get with a single-family home. Today, we discuss three key reasons to live in an apartment complex.


When you buy a home, you typically get locked into a 30-year commitment. With an apartment complex, you have much more financial freedom. In the United States, rent is typically less than that of a mortgage payment. When you own a home, you are also on the hook financially for anything that breaks, or wears out. In an apartment complex, you are free from this financial burden as the liability rests on the landlord to keep things in working order or to pay for repairs on things that malfunction or break on their own.

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No Maintenance

No matter how new or old your home is, there is always something to fix. Roger O’Steen Jacksonville builds many apartment complexes and often points to the satisfaction of customers not having to worry about maintenance when renting an apartment. This sort of peace of mind can help you to live a more stress-free life instead of always having the weight of repairs hanging over your head.


One area of renting an apartment that really can outshine that of owning a home is that apartment complexes are often much closer to amenities that people enjoy. Founder Roger O’Steen of Jacksonville works hard to build their complexes near stores, theaters, and other amenities that people frequently use, often within walking distance from their apartment.

As you can see, these are just a few good reasons that paying rent for an apartment can be a much better financial decision for those that want to live near amenities and don’t want to have to worry about endless maintenance.