4 Things That Will Definitely Kill Your Career

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things that will definitely kill your career

While some people are happy to have a job, others much prefer to build a career. A career takes you on a path and gives you options for where to go next, whereas a job alone can often feel static. If you’re trying to advance through your career, you don’t want to do anything that could change how you’re seen by people in your industry.

Getting something wrong could have a huge impact on your career. There are plenty of things that could stop you advancing with your current employer or make it difficult for you to find a new employer.

Bouncing from Job to Job

In the past, it was pretty standard for someone to build a career or 20 years or more with the same employer. It’s more common now for people, and especially younger adults, to spend less time with a single employer. This might not always be through choice, but a lot of people do want to try out different employers and even different roles to see what works for them.

While some experimentation can be good, you need to be careful not to appear fickle and flighty. On the other hand, staying with a single employer for too long before trying to move on can be tough too. Some employers might be wary that you’re too stuck in the ways of your previous company.

Poor Performance at Work

There are all kinds of ways you can deliver substandard performance at work. Consistently turning up late, sucking up to your boss, and overpromising and underdelivering can all affect how you’re seen at work. If you’re not performing well, you’re likely to be informed, perhaps during a review meeting.

However, sometimes you can end up flying under the radar, not necessarily doing anything particularly awful but not making an effort to stand out either. This can mean you don’t have any hope of going anywhere, leaving you stuck in the same position for years.

Being Charged with a Crime

One of the worst things for your career is getting into legal trouble. Even if it’s not related to your job, it could impact your career forever. Sometimes, you could end up with a conviction that prevents you from doing your job properly.

For example, a driving-related conviction could stop many people from doing their jobs or even getting to work. If you do face any legal trouble, securing a good defense lawyer is essential. WKLaw.com explains how a lawyer can help you if you’re charged with a crime. Defending yourself can save your career and your future.

Not Watching Your Online Activity

Be careful about how you conduct yourself online, especially when it comes to social media. Potential employers can and will look you up when making hiring decisions, and your behavior can reflect on your current employer too. You need to be careful about what you say, and about what’s visible to the general public.

It’s always important to think about how your behavior can affect your career, both at work and in your personal life. One mistake could have a profound impact.