4 Ways To Add More Space To Your Home Instead Of Moving

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add more space to your home

As our lives change and evolve, so too do the requirements that we have from our living space. All of a sudden that cozy two-bed property just doesn’t fit your needs anymore. You may immediately think that it’s time to think about a move.

But with rising property prices and the cost of moving itself in legal fees, removal costs and taxes, if you like where you live right now, upping sticks doesn’t have to be the only option. There are ways to squeeze more space out of your existing set-up and be able to turn your home back into a place that’s fit for your new purpose.

Use Forgotten Space

Most of our homes contain odd nooks of dead space. Mostly you grow used to them and eventually stop ‘seeing’ them for what they are – and that’s where there could be potential right under your nose. You just need to see it with fresh eyes.

Converting a basement into a sub-ground level is relatively costly, but can add a whole new suite of rooms to your existing property, and may come in way under the cost of a move to a larger property.

Sometimes you just need a little extra, so changing up your staircase to include a home office area underneath can be simple and cater to your needs. If rooms are large, sub-dividing them with an interior wall is quite straightforward and can drastically alter the layout to make the most of each square foot of space.

If storage is a problem, look into furniture with built-in storage or build cupboards into awkward corners to squeeze every last drop of space out of your layout.

Add Onto Your Building

Adding onto your available space doesn’t have to mean a full-scale building extension. Sometimes, adding more space is a simple matter of adding a freestanding structure in your yard or outdoor area. If you want more space to entertain, a garden room is an excellent option for summer dining.

A home office, a gym or even a sauna can be housed in an outbuilding structure. A steel building construction is durable, relatively inexpensive and can be explicitly designed to accommodate your own needs. It will also enhance the value of your home as a standalone building.

Raise The Roof

If you live in a ranch-style building or even one with only a partial second floor, consider how you could work with an architect to add another floor to the building. This can dramatically expand the footprint of the property and allow you to add more bedrooms or even to create a master suite. This way, you don’t have to use up precious ground space or sacrifice your garden to achieve more room. Remember to design any new stairs to make the most of the dead space for storage as well.

Convert Your Garage

If you have a garage that is lying unused and unloved, then consider converting it into the extra space that you need. As the basic structure is already in place, it can be as simple as damp proofing, wiring up some electrics and fitting out the walls and floor to make it a habitable space.

Consider combining this measure with some more storage in the house to take care of the things the garage would typically house, and then you free up a lot of space for whatever other requirements you have.