Creating A Cleaner Working Environment For Staff

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Cleaner Working Environment

With businesses taking note of climate change, they’re doing their part to reduce what they put out into the world. Not only that but many are seeing it as an opportunity to clean up around the workplace too. Here are some tips for creating a cleaner working environment for staff.

Add Plants 

Plants are a wonderful thing and tend to be a regular feature within many homes nowadays. They are the modern-day decor item that can really help transform a space that may be otherwise a little dull and boring. When working in an environment that a staff member will be using for the majority of the day, it’s nice as an employer to go to the effort to make it feel and look a little nicer. We spend more time working in our lives than we do actually living out a social life, so it has to be enjoyable at the very least. So start incorporating some plants around the office and feel free to involve your staff to find the best plants for the space.

Ensure every room, even the meeting rooms and breakout spaces have a plant or two in them. The difference it can make to a space is certainly noticeable, and your staff will certainly appreciate it. Further, clean the air with a professional dehumidifier which can be stationed on every floor in your building.

Improve Your Cleaners

Cleaners are very much hit and miss because if you don’t go for the right company or pay the right amount, then you’re not going always to get the best value for your money. When it comes to cleaners, be sure that you’ve picked a company that has been reputable for the service they provide for other clients. You also need to look at your company size and what needs the building has in terms of your cleaners. One business may benefit from having cleaners come in at the beginning of every day for a few hours, others when the office is closed. For some, the organization is so big that they’ll have a whole rota of staff that continue to clean day in and day out. Look at what you need for your individual business and work to get a contract that is affordable but will also offer you a great, quality service.

Remove The Clutter

Clutter will only get in the way, and in fact, if you allow clutter to rule over the office, you’ll have a lot of staff members that won’t be feeling particularly productive or will want to be in a space that’s messy. It’s a good idea to do an office audit and to work as an organization to see what could do with decluttering. It might not necessarily be storage or paperwork. It could actually be bulky furniture that’s not doing anything for anyone other than causing bumps and bruises. Go around the building with your operations manager and figure out a way to remove the clutter from the environment so that it feels cleaner and fresher.

Get your staff to appreciate their surroundings and to take an active step in ensuring that they keep their workspace clean and tidy at all times. This will only work if everyone is involved and that involves yourself and all your head of departments. The better we can all be, the more of an impact it will make to your space for the better. A cleaner space means a clearer mind, and you’ll likely notice the work productivity go up.

Create More Open-Space

A good office or working space isn’t going to feel cramped or makes your staff feel like there are too many people within one space. By cramming people in, you’re not giving them the privacy that they may sometimes need. Creating a more open-plan environment is going to be so much better. Figure out what space you have to play with currently and whether removing furniture will allow you to create an open space that will feel a lot better for your staff to be in. That’s not to say you can’t have any private space. In fact, it’s important that you have that for those moments where someone in the company wants to have a private phone call or to work in the peace and quiet of a private office space.

Give Your Office It’s Own Fragrance 

Your office is personalized, hopefully, to your brand. And just like all stores and businesses, there are certain ones that have their own signature scent. A fragrance can really play on people’s emotions and feelings when they enter a space. So why not take advantage of that and have a fragrance that every time they smell it, they’ll think of your office space. It’s great for using on clients, but it’s also nice for your staff to be in a working environment that actually smells pleasant.

Let The Light In

Natural light is a great way to help promote productivity and happiness within a working environment. It can make your staff feel good and positive about coming into work and being in work, even on a Monday morning. Take advantage of the natural light that you do have through your windows and think about lighting within your office space. Clinical, white lighting is not a good look and can often make a room feel and look very cold. With your windows, ensure you’ve made the most of the space and that all windows are left open to allow as much light in as possible. If you need blinds, ensure they let through the light.

A cleaner, working environment is deserving of all staff within your company, so make the effort to do so. It’s only to help benefit your business and what it’s trying to achieve. Add a bit of indoor nature to spruce it up a little and let in the natural light. Give your office a fragrance, and create a bigger environment with open-plan layouts, even if it’s a small space.