Green-Fingered Extra Income Ideas

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extra income ideas

When seeking an extra income, most people tend to focus on the same sort of ideas: affiliate marketing, blogging, survey sites, and so on and so forth. However, while these ideas can indeed generate an extra income, they do have a significant downside: they are the “standard” income-generating ideas, the ideas that everyone explores when they need to boost their budget… which means that competition tends to be rife. 

In order to achieve the extra income you require, it’s therefore worth expanding beyond the basics and looking for other methods – and in this regard, a love of gardening could stand you in very good stead. If you love nothing more than tending to plants, growing your own food, and managing your own garden, then here’s a few ways you can turn this preference into a potential money spinner.

#1 – Offer basic garden services

You don’t need to be a qualified gardener or landscape designer to offer basic garden services to the public. Tasks such as weeding, waste clearing, watering, and other general management can usually be completed by anyone with a decent understanding of how a garden functions and how it should be maintained. You can offer your services on local listings sites for a competitive hourly fee, and best of all, your investment in the idea can be relatively small – most homeowners will supply the tools, so all you need to provide is your time, knowledge, and attention to detail. 

#2 – Start a gardening-themed Instagram account 

The #gardening hashtag on Instagram is incredibly popular, with – at the time of writing – over 12 million different posts. There is a keen, interested audience on the platform for those who share images of their own garden, so choosing this route could effectively allow you to monetize your own gardening activities. All you need to do is start an account, take regular pictures, and interact with those on the platform. As you continue to share photographs of your work, you can build a following that can, in time, lead to lucrative sponsorship opportunities with a variety of companies (such as garden tool manufacturers, seed sellers, and so on) and could provide a good income stream for the gardening work you would have been doing anyway. 

#3 – Grow (and sell) microgreens or sprouts 

First of all, if you’re unfamiliar with the difference, then it’s helpful to understand the differences in the microgreens vs sprouts debate before considering this option for extra income. When all is clear, you can then explore the option of growing your own, keeping some of your produce for your own use, and then selling the rest at a profit. The desire for microgreens and sprouts has increased in recent years, so if you’re looking for an extra income stream, capitalizing on this popularity is well worth considering.

In conclusion

Exploring any of the above options can help you to avoid standard, oversaturated “extra income” ideas and find your own way to a second stream of income – and all while indulging your green-fingered nature at the same time!