DEAR 99%-ERS …

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I promise you that I am going to fight for you to get clean water. I promise you that I am going to fight for you to get electricity in every one of your homes. I promise you I am going to fight for your governments to build you roads so you can go to school. Which means — I promise to advocate for schools in every village, town, neighborhood, and city. I promise I will fight for hospitals and medicine. I promise to fight for the rights of women and girls. I do believe you should be educated.

I do believe you have the right to life, even if you’re born a girl in an overpopulated country. I do believe you should be able to drive a car and walk home at night. I promise I will fight for businesses and companies to come to your country, so that you can get jobs, build homes, raise families, and even eat at McDonald’s just like I did when I was young. I promise you that you matter and that here in America we hear you.

I know you have a very difficult life having to walk miles down a mountain for clean water. I know about the slave labor you are forced into and the refugees that have to flee because of their Christian faith. I know that you don’t have the Internet and can’t read my words. I know that you can’t rise up for a revolution. I know that you need America to be the shining light, the beacon on the hill, and I know that you fear us forgetting about you.

I promise you. I won’t let my generation forget you. I won’t let the students I teach forget about you.

To My Fellow Americans:

You’re so vain — you probably thought this article was going to be about you. You’re so vain that you think your life is tough. You’re so vain that you fight against the very people that paid for your overpriced college education. You’re so vain that you think you’re poor.

If I was writing to you, I would title it Dear 1%-er because that is what you are. The homeless in America live better than most of the world’s population. We have shelters for them when most live in cardboard homes. We have clean water when most have none. We have electricity when the rest of the world dreams about light.

Yet, you vain Americans quit your jobs to sleep in the streets to protest someone providing you money to go to college. And now you think after attending University — you paid too much! You should have used your brain first, but the fact is your so vain you don’t believe you need to think.

Dear Vain American:

You make me sick when you yell at big companies for providing you a job. You make me sick for protesting WalMart for providing cheaper products . You make me sick when you complain about not having free healthcare. Does your town have a hospital and/or a doctor? I am so sorry you have to wait — you vain American.

Dear Vain American:

I despise you for complaining about losing your home. Can’t you read the fine print? We gave you a free education from K to 12 and we taught you to read. I am sorry — do you think that is beneath you? Should everyone in the world cater to you?

Dear Vain American:

Stop yelling about class warfare. You have no idea what it means to make a penny a day.

Dear Vain American:

I know being a minority must be hard, but don’t act like you got it so tough. I don’t remember seeing your family slaughtered in the streets of Darfur, Rwanda, or Cambodia.

Dear Vain College Student:

For four years, you drink, party, and play — and you think you have it rough. Before you go make your signs, waste my time, and pee in my city streets — go see the world. Talk to the refugees, see the poverty, and then ask yourself — with all the gifts I have been given, with all the opportunities my forefathers fought and died for, how can I make my place in this world matter? Stop holding out your hand and asking for more please and start working.

You can read, write, add, and subtract. You have government assistance if you need it. Go be something. Go do something. Just stop thinking this world is all about you.

If you continue to do so, America will look like Europe and then who do the REAL 99%-ers have to hope for? Who will be their superman/superwomen?

If it isn’t you, then who?

Anna Domzalski is a staff writer for the Financial Bin. Anna will soon begin her role as Dean of Financial Bin University and will conduct online budgeting classes beginning in February 2012. She can be reached via email at [email protected].
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