3 Easy Tips For Ensuring Security On Your Company’s Website

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ensuring security on your company's website

With hackers accessing information involving large companies like Experian, website security is all the more important. Today, we discuss how to go about ensuring security on your company’s website and keep your customers’ trust.

You’re relied on

If a customer is going to give you their payment information, they’re relying on you to make sure that information is safe. No one would willingly give their financial information away if they knew that it might be at a risk, so how do you know for sure that you can protect them? Well, there are many ways you can help to do this, some of them are simpler than others. If you are a sales site, then customer information security should be your top priority as if customers feel you can’t be relied on, then your reputation as an online business will shatter.


If your site is an active front for your business, it’s likely that it requires a lot of maintenance to keep it running constantly, so it’s best to know that you’re secure at all times. You might find that if you do have a problem with your tech, or your servers; not everyone is qualified to deal with this. If you don’t run into these issues frequently then it’s not worth hiring someone who’s around to deal with this at all times, so it’s best to look for a third-party that you can rely on at times like these to fix it for you. If you’re not sure where to turn for this kind of support, you can check out FirewallTechnical.com for what kind of help you might be able to receive. Everyone hopes that they won’t run into any problems, but you never know, so it’s good to know who you can rely on in those situations. It’s best to be able to get help as soon as possible, else you might have problems with your site being down for a long period of time.

Account requirements

Everyone’s seen the requirements that some sites ask for when creating accounts there. It’s not done to be an inconvenience to you, it’s to make it much more difficult to access that information illegally. The simpler your password is, the more at risk you are to losing your account, so it’s best for every site to encourage more complex and secure passwords.

It’s commonly at least eight characters and two numbers, with at least one upper case character. You’d be surprised how much more difficult this makes it for hackers to access that information, meaning your details are much safer.  For more information on why the complexity of the password is important, look at Microsoft.com and see why they encourage it.

Another thing sites might do is regularly suggest that you keep changing your password frequently, as this way you don’t risk anything slipping away; this basically removes the risk of losing your information completely (at least from the account side) That’s about as much as you can do on the customer side of security.

Another security test that sites often use is the personal question. Something like this can add an extra layer of security to the customer log-in details. Typically a security question gives you plenty of options to choose from, like “What school did you attend when you were ten?” or “What was the name of your first pet?”. These, of course, don’t require numbers or special characters, just an answer that only you would know. It’s pretty much another password.

Making your customers feel secure when buying from you can really help when it comes to making sales, so it’s best to add in as many security features as you can without making it a tedious process. A lot of the time, the features might even make it more convenient to gain access, like a pin number or a text code.