@FinancialBin Interviews Vivian Rosenthal, CEO of GoldRun LLC

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Please find the transcript of the interview between the Financial Bin’s David Domzalski and Vivian Rosenthal, CEO of GoldRun LLC below:

David Domzalski, @FinancialBin: Please provide a brief background of your experiences prior to your current position.

Vivian Rosenthal, @GoldRunGo: I received my masters in architecture from Columbia University and then co-founded Tronic, a digital media studio. At Tronic, I worked with numerous technology brands, from HP to Samsung and Sony, to help bring their products and vision to life.

DD: What does a typical day look like for you? What do you like best about your field?

VR: A typical day at GoldRun involves a lot of meetings, both internally and with clients, then quite a bit of emailing, both internally and with clients, and finally brainstorming for future iterations of the business model and product, which is my favorite part. What I most like about the tech field is that it changes nearly every day.

DD: Why did you choose this field in particular?

VR: I love the intersection of technology and culture.

DD: What challenges have you faced in the tech industry?

VR: The technology and development timelines don’t always move as fast as your imagination does.

DD: Who mentored you along the way?

VR: My partner at Tronic, Jesse Seppi, has always been an inspiration to me and a mentor.

DD: What books would you suggest for other women in the field to read?

VR: My favorite two books right now are Ready Player One and the Daemon. Both deal with the future ramifications of technology, both good and bad, as well as hope and determination, which are definitely needed in a startup.

DD: What advice can you offer to women are executives, business owners, or entrepreneurs in the tech field? Where should someone starting out go to school or get their first job?

It’s less about where you go to school or finding the exact right job and more finding a great mentor or co-worker. It’s also about being inspired. Finding something or someone that really lets you trust your own voice and start to develop your ideas and visions.

For more information on GoldRun, check out Vivian’s and the company’s background below:

As founder and CEO of Goldrun (augmented reality app) and co-founder of Tronic Studio (digital media and experiential design company), I’ve had more than a decade worth of experience in technology, media and branding. I’ve spoken at numerous conferences on the intersection of creativity and technology including the recent Tedx conference and CaT conference by Ad Age. I offer a unique insight and perspective based on my experiences and would be honored to share my thoughts to what I believe technology, specifically augmented reality, has in store for the future.

My company GoldRun is a mobile platform that fuses virtual goods, GPS and AR to create a game-like experience that could bring the visually driven interactive experience of the web into the offline space. Working with businesses in the retail, film and automotive industries reinforces my belief that augmented reality is the technological glue that will bind smart business operations and creative/cultural innovation. I’d like to prove given past case studies insights on how AR technology can change social commerce (Airwalk, H&M) or social sharing (HBO-True Blood, Sony-Smurfs) to ultimately drive people from searching online via Google to discovery off-line via GoldRun AR.

GoldRun is creating virtual points of sale, essentially virtual malls. Based on past successful campaigns in the US and UK creating virtual pop-up stores, we’ll be licensing
virtual retail estate to brands. With the culmination of smart phones and augmented reality coming into their own, it’s an exciting time for me to be a pioneer in the
evolution of this new hybrid social commerce application.

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