Only Got One Pin In Your House Move Map? Here’s Why You Need More

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finding the location of your next home

When we embark on a house hunt, most of us have locations in mind. It makes sense. If you’re going to buy a house there, you want it to be the right area. But, often, we blindside ourselves. We become so set in our locations that we fail to consider anywhere else. And, when that happens, things can go pear-shaped. You may find that you have no choice but to make compromises you would rather not. Or, you may have to wait longer than you’d imagined for the right property.

If you’re struggling for your zip code, it may be time to consider other areas. You don’t even have to go far from your preferred location. Just looking at a village outside that central city could be enough. You may even be pleasantly surprised by what you find. If you aren’t convinced already, consider these three reasons for look elsewhere.

Lower prices

The chances are that other people also desire the same area. This is especially the case if it has decent shops,  a train station, or good schools. Either of which could be your prime reason for wanting to live there. And everyone else’s. Guess what that means? You’ll be paying top whack to live there.

As can be seen from this list on, there are some pretty pricey zip codes out there. Moving even ten miles out of town, however, could lead to much lower prices. You may have been looking at two bedroom options in the location itself. But, moving outside the town could see you affording a four-bed luxury home. Even if you can’t stretch that far, you’re sure to find choices with more space than you would otherwise. All for the sake of a few miles.

Broaden your options

When we stick too firmly to one area, we limit our options. After all, there are only a set amount of houses in each city. Waiting for the right one to come along in a limited area could take a while. But, taking things further will broaden your options. For proof, view and other sites like them. Use search settings to see the difference a few extra miles of looking can make. The chances are that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

You could find somewhere better

An unexpected bonus of widening your search could be that you find somewhere better. You’ve likely chosen the current dream location because of amenities, friends living close by, or simply because it looks good. But, if you’ve never search elsewhere, how do you know that this really is the best? There may be an even better matched location for you out there.

Again, you don’t need to go mad to find it. A good bet is to draw a compass circle with your current location in the center. Then, consider all the towns which come under that radar. Fingers crossed, you’ll forget all about that original location in no time.