6 Ways To Get More Money For Your Home

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get more money for your home

If you’ve decided to put your house up for sale, it’s easy to slip into the thought that because you have loved your house and everything in it for the last however many years, that potential buyers will love it too! Unfortunately that isn’t always the case, so it’s worth taking a long hard look at your property through the eyes of potential buyers to see if any improvements can be made to increase your properties saleability, as well as value. It’s amazing how the tiniest of adjustments and alterations can make your home more desirable.

The best time to make the adjustments to your home in order to increase its desirability is prior to the initial valuation. Everyone wants to get the best price on valuation in order to make the most profit. Once you have a valuation you are happy with, you can take your time looking at properties for sale at Realtor in St. George according to your budget.

This article aims to show you ways of making small improvements that will have a big impact on how quick your house sells and how much money can be made.

Check for maintenance issues

Have a close look at your property in order to highlight any areas that need maintaining. Such tasks could include loose guttering, loose roof tiles, damaged fencing and gates, flaky paint and unfinished diy projects. These tasks can be completed very cheaply if the work is mostly completed by yourself and will enhance the overall look of your property, giving the effect of a cared for home rather than one that has been allowed to become a little dilapidated.

Assess the decor

When selling your home it is worth trying to present your home as neutral as possible. For the cost of a few tins of paint you could enhance your homes appeal considerably. A coat of paint will also make your home look cleaner, as all grubby marks will disappear.

People have their own personal preferences when it comes to color and although you may love the hot raspberry color of your bedroom, it won’t appeal to all. Painting your home in pale neutral colors will also make your property look larger, giving the illusion of space.

Dark colors, although cozy can be oppressive and bring the walls in, making the room look smaller. When viewing a property buyers like to imagine themselves living there, neutral colors allows this to happen.


Start in one room of your house and try to declutter as much as possible. Clear all the sides of magazines, post and paperwork and file or throw away.

In your bedrooms try to hide all personal possessions such as books, jewelry and makeup. If you have any photographs displayed, consider storing them until the buying process is complete.

Children’s rooms will obviously be full of toys, try to reduce them to the minimum or to ones that your children play with the most. The rest can be stored in toy boxes and put away into loft spaces, under stairs cupboards or outbuildings.  

Declutter shelves and cupboards in the bathroom and consider decanting soaps into attractive bottles. Purchase neutral towels and bath accessories.

In your living areas ensure that magazines are stored away along with DVD’s and CD’s. As with your bedroom store away personal artifacts such as photo’s and ornaments, your aim is to streamline the space as much as possible.

Your kitchen is an area that accumulates clutter very quickly. Store everything away and ensure  it is hidden. The kitchen is one area of the house that buyers focus on. A good kitchen can be a major selling point. So show it to its advantage.  

Other areas of the home to declutter include porches, utility rooms and hallways. The entrance to your home is extremely important, so that the potential buyer feels welcome and isn’t falling over numerous pairs of shoes and coats.

To present your home at its best it may be worth putting items of bulky storage into storage. Sofas’ take up a huge amount of space and although needed, try to keep seating to only what is necessary. Dining room tables also take up space as do large sideboards and cupboards.

Once decluttered your house will be looking more streamlined and neutral, space will be enhanced to the max and you will find cleaning really easy to complete.


Cleaning is probably the single most important aspect to getting your house to a saleable level. Noone wants to view a dirty house, it is very off putting. You need to really clean every room and every corner, every cobweb needs to be evicted!

Make your bathroom and kitchen sparkle. Clean your windows inside and out, which will also allow light to pour into your home. Concentrate on high traffic areas such as porches and staircases as it is likely that there will be grubby marks caused by shoes and hands.

How does your home smell?

Your home should smell fresh and inviting, as cliche as it sounds the smell of freshly baked bread or freshly brewed coffee is wonderfully welcoming. Fresh flowers will help brighten and freshen a room.

Eliminate smells from pets and although the previous nights curry was delicious, no one wants to smell it the day after!

Open windows and let fresh air into your home, no matter the weather. Natural smells are much more inviting than artificial smells from air fresheners and cheap candles, the odors of which can be extremely overpowering.

Welcoming entrance

Tidy up your front garden and clean your front door, weed the driveway and ensure steps are clear from clutter.

It’s amazing how the addition of a few pots of flowers can give your home “curb appeal” and can be done very cheaply with plants and pots from your local supermarket.

To conclude first impressions really do count in property sales. Buyers make up their minds very quickly, so it is extremely important to present your home at its absolute best.