Important Considerations When Selling Your Unusual Home

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selling your unusual home

Barn conversions. Windmill conversions. Odd shapes, designs, and layouts. Houseboats. There are millions of unusual homes, all of them offering their own unique charm and intrigue.

As wonderful as unusual homes might be to look at, selling them is often a different equation altogether. While there’s no doubt the perfect buyer is out there, if you own an unusual home, you’ll likely be waiting longer for a sale than someone selling a standard house. The very thing you love about your home — its uniqueness — can suddenly become its downfall.

If you are preparing to sell your unusual home, then there’s a few things you need to know about the process. Read on for a guide to what to expect, as well as some hints about what you should do to ensure a “sold” sign isn’t too far in your future.

#1 – Be honest in your marketing

When marketing an unusual house, say that it’s unusual. You might be tempted to leave out quirky details of odd layouts and strange architectural choices, but there’s no point– prospective buyers are going to see the house for themselves anyway! If you leave out unusual features because you’re concerned about dissuading people from viewing, then you’re just going to waste people’s time, and lose out on potential buyers who are specifically looking for unusual properties.

#2 – Enlist the help of the pros

Selling a home by yourself is a tempting, and popular, choice, but it’s not the right choice for your unusual home. When you’re dealing with a unique property, you’re going to need all the help that you can get. Find a residential real estate agency who appreciates your property; they will know marketing tips and tricks that can help overcome even the strangest of features.

#3 – Don’t try to hide your home’s odd character

If you’re tempted to try and diminish the oddities of your home by using styling tricks or outright obstructing stranger areas, then don’t. There’s really no point, and besides, many of the buyers you’re looking to capture will see these strange features as a real benefit. Trying to hide them and pretend that your house is 100% normal is a waste of time.

#4 – Be patient

Finally, it’s important to mention that attempting to sell an unusual home is a time-consuming process. If your house deviates from the standards of the day at all, then it’s naturally going to be discounted by a lot of buyers– many people won’t even view it. This, sadly, is a reality that you have to deal with. Waiting for a buyer definitely takes longer for unusual properties, so ensure that you plan ahead and don’t make any offers on new properties too soon after putting your house on the market.

In conclusion

While it may be more stressful, and will definitely be more time-consuming, to sell your home if it has unusual features, it is possible. Try to remind yourself that you bought it, odd features and all, because you loved it– it’s just a matter of time until you find someone who thinks the same way.