How is Pandemic Transforming The Wedding Photography Industry?

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Wedding photography during the pandemic: what’s it like?

What began as a scare tactic initially soon turned into one of the most devastating pandemics of all times. The implications of COVID-19 were more than disrupting day-to-day lives. It impacted the mental, physical, and physiological aspects of lives worldwide.

We’re still living in unchartered waters. No one knows what will happen next. Like other industry verticals, the wedding photography industry is too facing a lot of troubles. Why? Because no one was prepared enough to navigate such extreme conditions.

But with time, every industry is looking around the bend and innovative, creative measures to get back to the track. Let’s look at the factors that are transforming the future of wedding photography.

Couples Will Dictate the Future

According to the Knot’s Real Weddings Study, pre-COVID couples spent around $33,000 on engagement, ceremony, and reception. However, the cost of wedding shoots is going down during COVID with couples deciding to limit the size of the wedding.

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But, this trend won’t last once the things start getting back on order. Some expect that weddings will return to its usual self around the second half of 2021.

Further, couples would focus more on health and safety at weddings. Plated dinner would replace the buffet. Hand sanitizers would take an important role than just being a part of aesthetics. All of this will impact the price offerings and standard packages offered by wedding photographers.

Saying “No” is No Longer Considered Offensive

Earlier, saying “no” to clients demands projected providers as an “egoistic” brand. With Covid-19, everything changed, especially in service-based businesses. Undoubtedly, safety is important at this moment.

Wedding vendors, including, photographers, can easily say “no” to things that feel unsafe. Now is not the time to overburden yourself with the “YES syndrome.” Remember, health is wealth. So, a little pre-wedding meeting will help you settle on terms regarding safety and work ethics during pandemic weddings.

Saying “Cheese” Remains But With Distance

As per the guidelines issued by WHO and other healthcare institutions, keeping a safe distance is the key to preventing the spread.

This isn’t easy when it comes to weddings. But if you tell your clients that they need to prioritize safety, they will be under the boundation to keep a check on their guests.

Plus, you can suggest to your clients about keeping hand sanitizers on tables and washrooms to reinforce safety even more. It’s about giving importance to personal, and client needs equally.

Preferences Over The Type of Camera Lenses Are Changing

Since it’s all about “safe distancing,” a wedding shoot with longer lenses is trending. Plus, that way, wedding photographers are staying at a safe distance without compromising the quality of the shoot. For instance, many photographers like  Something Blue Photography are using 50mm or 85 mm lenses over 35 mm lenses to keep a safe distance while capturing moments for their clients. After all, one can’t lose the essence of the moments during a wedding shoot.

Masks Are Becoming a Fashion Statement

Airbrush makeup, accessorizing wedding outfits are no longer something anyone is worried about amidst the pandemic. In fact, weddings during COVID saw a rise in the face masks as a fashion accessory.

Having said that, guests of the couple can afford to use such trends and fashion accessories. Wedding photographers can’t survive on such trends. They need to use N95 masks or even KN95 masks because of the nature of their job.

No one can predict what happens one the D-day, keeping a safer option by your side will always help you maintain a safe distance from others. Simultaneously, keeping a changeover mask would also rule weddings. Why? Because after some time, face masks get sweaty, making you uncomfortable.

Wedding Venues Are Driving Client Selections

A big stress point for selecting clients is not about bonding alone. It’s more about wedding venues. For example, wedding photographers are saying “no” to couples who are choosing cramped spaces.

With bigger spaces, everyone can stay distant as per the government guidelines. All of this will ensure a smooth wedding photoshoot without any hassles.

Let’s be honest here. Everything about weddings during COVID is about safety. But, that’s not all. There are also cases where clients had to postpone their weddings amidst the pandemic.

How is that scenario affecting wedding photography businesses? Let’s find out.

Implications of Postponed Weddings During COVID

None of us saw anything like this happening. This pandemic completely took us by surprise. So, many couples were forced to change their wedding dates.

In that case, clients are rebooking their events. Since, COVID falls under the “Act of GOD” category, the contract that you signed before becomes void.

So, if you are not available on the new dates, you will have to return all your advance payment. Unfortunately, that includes retainers too.

If anyone tries to do anything opposite, they will be deemed flawed under the court of law. Plus, it won’t be an excellent example for your business. Why? Because word of mouth holds importance in this industry. And with everything going online, a single bad review can badly impact your business.

Conclusion: Wedding Photography During the Pandemic

Remember, at the end of the day, couples would still want to get married. No doubt, there is a lot of financial trouble right now, but being hopeful about the future is the key to keep yourself positive.

Celebrations don’t stop. They will continue once the vaccine is out, or the government finds a way to contain the spread. Similarly, wedding photography will still see a boom once again.

On that note, if you still have clients whose wedding dates fall during COVID, here is what you need to take care.

  • Make sure to check local regulations before finalizing the event.
  • Don’t bring sick employees to the event. Safety is of utmost importance, be it yours or others.
  • Comply with the preventive measures, such as:
  1. Maintaining a 1-metre distance from others.
  2. Wearing masks and covering your face with a tissue or bent elbow if you are sneezing or coughing.
  3. Use hand sanitizers or wash your hands repeatedly with soap and water for 20 seconds.