8 Unexpected Life Events That Will Cost You Money

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8 Unexpected Life Events That Will Cost You Money

Sometimes curveballs are thrown at us in life that we simply cannot control. Thinking negatively all the time might not always be the best way to deal with these unexpected life events, but you can certainly be prepared for them.

If you are aware of the financial impacts of particular happenings then you can always be ready to foot the bill. It is true that preparing for the worst isn’t best feeling, but it will ensure you are always in a solid position to protect your finances. Whether you become injured in an accident, get married or experience a close family death, all of these occurrences are bound to set you back financially. Some of these incidents should be celebrated and others are slightly more somber; if you can handle both equally you will be setting yourself up for a secure future.

This post is going to explore a handful of eventualities that most people will experience at least once during their lifetime. You might think that none of these things will ever happen to you, but that is not the attitude you need to take. Assume that all of these outcomes are possibilities in your life and know how to deal with each one effectively. The key will always be preparation; if you can be armed and ready for anything to happen, nothing can ever take you by surprise.

Accidents and Incidents

You never think it will happen to you, but one day your life might just change forever. Being involved in an unexpected car accident or slip in public could cause personal injury to you that you may never fully recover from. This might even affect your ability to work and take a huge hit on your finances. The professionals at Advocate legal team deal with these types of problems every single day, so if you think you are eligible for compensation then make sure you get in touch with them.

Close Family Deaths

You might rely on a close family member for financial support, so their sudden death might come as an emotional shock as well as a monetary one. You may have to pay out of your own pocket for funeral expenses and then have nobody else to rely on for those unexpected slumps. If you are lucky you might gain some sort of inheritance from them, which could see you through tricky financial times ahead.

Sudden Redundancy

You might be quite content in the current career you are in, but overnight everything could change for you. Your company might be cutting back their costs and making people redundant from certain departments. Although you are likely to get a good pay out in the first instance, you will need to look at more long term options and try to find another job. In the current economic climate this is easier said than done, so perhaps you should make a career plan just in case things don’t go quite as you expect.

Surprise Children

Whether you are married, in a committed relationship or simply dating, there is always the chance that you might have children one day. Whether you are planning on having kids or they come as a shock to you, you will sooner realize the financial burdens they carry. Bringing up children in a fulfilling, wonderful and expensive element of your life so make sure you start a savings pot if you do see this as part of your future.

Educational Fees

When you have children you are sort of stuck with them for life and that means you might have to foot the bill for their future education. If you don’t prepare yourself for this type of financial hit you might not be able to afford everything you would like to provide for them. This is where that savings pot comes in handy, you can keep on adding and adding to it as the years go on!

Weddings and Celebrations

Getting married or celebrating momentous occasions isn’t exactly unexpected, but the costs can soon creep up without you realising. If you are planning a big occasion then make sure you set a clear budget for yourself and your partner. As long as you stick within your limits you won’t have anything to worry about. Try and avoid using credit cards to pay off huge amounts, because the bills will only come back to bite you later on in the month.

Divorces and Separation

Momentous occasions such as weddings can often come hand in hand with more depressing life events such as divorces. Although the divorce rates are getting lower and lower each year, you never know what might happen. You should never be pessimistic about your marriage, but you should always make sure you can make it on your own. Relying on somebody else for a stable income will never serve you well in the future, so make sure you always have your own financial independence.  

Big Bills

Whether you receive an unexpected tax bill or a whopping great phone bill; you never know when they might strike. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch and always budget for a little more than you really need to. If you can set that little bit of extra cash aside each month you will always be prepared for those unanticipated costs.

Whatever your current life situation is, you should always be prepared for these things to happen. As soon as you sit back and assume you are in the clear, a bump in the road might just set you back. Keep your savings account topped up at all times so that you can always be ready for the worst to happen. Obviously, you don’t want to live your life always looking over your shoulder waiting for a hurdle to get in your way. You can, however, always be prepared for financial slumps that will inevitably happen to you at some point in your life. So make sure you are aware of all your options and you will never have to let go of your financial security.