How to Make Money With CPA Basics

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Making money online is becoming more commonplace as technology advances. The internet has advanced to the point where nearly anyone who can read has the ability to have a website or blog. Once you have your own online business you can add extra income by working with Cost Per Action (CPA) networks. These companies allow you to link your site to theirs in order to reap the benefit of your traffic. CPA networks pay from a few cents per action to $50 or more, depending upon the company.

Step 1
Create a website or blog about a popular subject. Attach articles, audio or video to your website.

Step 2
Study the websites of several CPA networks. Review the terms and conditions of each network as well as the pay rates.

Step 3
Sign up for the CPA network that offers you the most lucrative, least labor intensive deal. Read the network’s instruction for attaching its widget to your website or blog.

Step 4
Advertise your website or blog on several social networking sites. Visit forums and chat rooms to announce your site. Advertise only in discussions related to the subject of your site. Be careful not to blatantly SPAM these sites or you will be banned.

Step 5
Monitor your CPA network affiliation page closely. Transfer money out of the network and into your online bank account when your balance reaches the allowable amount.

Sending unsolicited sales materials or links to unwilling readers is considered SPAM. This type of activity will result in your loss of privileges on various websites and leave you vulnerable to civil fines and criminal prosecution.

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