How to Start a Rental Inspection Company

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Rental inspection companies work under contract to property management companies. A rental inspector knows the proper way to build a house, or apartment complex, from the ground up. An inspector is trained in the mechanical systems, framing and climate control. You can start a rental inspection company once you have the training necessary to be an expert in each facet of building and inspecting. You must also know the local building codes and inspection procedures. Once you learn the trade you can start working with property managers while keeping current on the codes and procedures.

Step 1
Work with a contractor to learn remodeling. Learn carpentry, drywall and painting. Get experience with different types of ceiling, wall and flooring systems.

Step 2
Work as a plumber’s assistant. Gain experience in plumbing repairs and fixture installation. Learn as much as you can by asking questions and doing the work.

Step 3
Help an HVAC contractor. Work with him to learn the basics of repair and installation of various commercial heating and air conditioning systems.

Step 4
Work for a home inspection company. Take classes to become certified as a home inspector. Work with the inspection company to build your reputation as a knowledgeable and dependable inspector.

Step 5
Get a business license and liability insurance. Visit rental agents and talk to them about their needs. Offer your services at a competitive rate that is backed by your reputation in the local industry.

Learn and follow all local, state and federal statutes.
Never perform an inspection without the proper licenses and insurance.

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