How To Understand Common Financial Crimes

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How To Understand Common Financial Crimes

Criminal activity can take many shapes and forms. It is important for everyone dealing with either a criminal or civil financial case to make sure they rely on the appropriate resources. This is where working with a trained attorney can be helpful. A lawyer knows how to take a look at these cases and build either an appropriate defense or prosecution. One of the tools that is going to be helpful is an expert witness. There are a few financial cases in which an expert witness is going to be helpful.

Cases Involving Tax Fraud

The tax code changes on a regular basis. Deductions and credits can come and go. If someone has lost a major tax deduction or credit, he or she might try to make up this money elsewhere. This is where cases of tax fraud can arise. The jury might have a hard time understanding the tax code. It is helpful to find someone, such as a trained accountant, who can explain the case to the jury in a manner that is easily understood.

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Cases Involving Money Laundering

One of the most important financial cases that someone might have to deal with has to do with money laundering. For those who might not know, money laundering is a common crime that takes dirty money and tries to pass it off as clean. In this crime, someone is going to take dirty money, try to mix it with clean money in the form of legitimate bank accounts, offshore funds, or even works of art, and then withdraw the money on the other side. In this scheme, the money will appear as “clean” once it has gone through all of these steps. It can be helpful to have a finance expert witness who knows how to take a look at these steps and identify signs of money laundering.

Rely on Trained Professionals for Assistance

These are only a few of the many cases in which it is important to rely on expert witnesses. Trained legal professionals know just how tricky these cases can be. Even though there are a lot of documents that might serve as hard evidence, these documents are also open to interpretation. Therefore, it is important to have expert witnesses who can interpret these documents in a way the jury can understand. Anyone who is involved in any of these cases must make sure they have appropriate legal representation.

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