Jeff Gitterman, Financial Advisor & Author of ‘Beyond Success’, on Financial Bin Radio with David Domzalski

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On Monday, March 19, 2012 at 5:30 PM Eastern time, Financial Bin’s David Domzalski spoke with Jeff Gitterman, Financial Advisor and Founder of Gitterman & Associates Wealth Management LLC. Jeff is also the co-founder of Beyond Success, a consulting firm that combines holistic ideas with the world of business and finance.

His first book, Beyond Success; Redefining the Meaning of Prosperity was recently published by AMACOM, the publishing house of the American Management Association.

In the past, Jeff has been featured in Money Magazine, CNN, AM New York, Financial Advisor, Affluent Magazine, London Glossy, The Star Ledger and New Jersey Business Journal, among others as well as numerous radio programs.

We asked Jeff …

  1. Can you give the listeners a brief description of what you did prior to your current career?
  2. What lead you to becoming a financial advisor?
  3. Tell us about the companies you’re involved in – Gitterman & Associates Wealth Management and Beyond Success.
  4. What is your focus as CEO of these companies? Can you give the listeners a brief account of a typical day for you?
  5. Jeff, tell us about the book, Beyond Success; Redefining the Meaning of Prosperity. What’s the message behind it? What do you want readers to take away from it?
  6. What do you plan to accomplish both on a personal and business level this year? What are your goals for yourself and your businesses?
  7. The Financial Bin focuses on personal finance and entrepreneurship for Gen Y. For those listening from that demographic, what are few tips you can give them about growing and managing and their wealth?
  8. Jeff, we are in the process of putting together another book called Wealth Intervention. We believe your story could really benefit those who purchase the book. Is this something you might be interested in participating in?
  9. How can listeners get in contact with you and your companies?

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