3 Simple Methods For Homeowners To Lessen Moving Costs

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lessen moving costs

Moving home can be a time of high stress. After all, there is a lot to do in a very short space of time, and if you haven’t got enough to worry about with packing up all of your possessions and canceling the utilities, then you have to worry about the humongous costs as well.

In fact, moving home can be one of the biggest expenses that you can face in your lifetime. That is why if you are moving soon, you need to know about the methods below, as they can help stop your costs running away from you and getting out of hand.

Cleaning the old house

One area that you can overspend on when moving home is the cleaning of the old property. Something that most people do to ensure that it is in good condition for the new owners or residents.

The problem here is that the because moving home is such a busy time, many homeowners choose to engage a professional company to help with the cleaning. A service that can cost a lot and raise your total moving costs up a great deal.

Of course, the solution to this issue is to do the cleaning yourself, thus saving you the cost of employing professionals and reducing what you have to pay out for to just the cleaning materials you need. Something that you can actually buy pretty cheaply at the dollar store, making it a much more economical option than going for a professional cleaning company.

Unfortunately, many people run into difficulties with this regarding time and effort. This is usually because they leave cleaning up the house they are moving from to the last minute. This can seem to make sense at the time, but can actually work against them in the long run. The reason for this is that they will have to expend a lot of time and energy in cleaning the property in a short space of time before it gets handed over.

Additionally, this time is when you are also expanding lots of energy on actually get your possessions out of the home and settling into the new place. Something that means energy is often at a premium and makes a full house clean pretty impractical.

That is why instead it’s a better idea to do as much of the thorough cleaning you as you can in the run-up to moving day. Then when everything is packed on the truck, you only have a few small jobs left to do, and so it won’t take as long and is much easier to complete by yourself, without including the added cost of employing a professional company.

Additional costs

Paying off the outstanding bills, finding money for legal fees, and being able to afford vital items of furniture for the new place are also costs that can be problematic for folks that are in the process of moving.

After all, these things can cost quite a lot of money on their own, but add this to the fact that you have likely just wiped out your savings for a deposit and they become even more impractical.

Luckily, there are a few options that you can use to deal with a situation like this, should it arise. The first is to seek out a payday loan, something you can see this post for to get some more information on. This is a such a good idea as its something that you can access quickly, and a bad credit score isn’t going to make too much of a difference to whether you get it or not.

Another option, of course,  is to look and see whether there is any possibility of paying for the things you need either on credit, especially if it’s ‘buy now pay later,’ and interest-free. Something that is often available on furniture items.

Of course, legal help and bill payments aren’t often offered in this way, but there is always the option of seeking out a 0% credit card to help with these you are a jam. You can also speak to your utility provider to negotiate a more realistic and affordable payments scheme with installments.

Moving companies

Last, of all, let’s not forget the substantial cost of employing a moving company to help transports the contents of your house from the old place to the new. Of course, this cost will differ quite a bit depending on the type of service that you choose.

For example, interstate moving is going to cost more, especially if you are going from one end of the country to the other because there are such large distances involved.

Also, the level of service you require will affect the price as well. This means that if you want your movers to pack and unpack items, as well as just load them onto the van, you can expect to pay a vastly increased price. In fact, even in employing a professional moving company versus hiring a van and loading it yourself you can expect quite a divergence in fees.

Something that means it may be the best idea to do the latter. This does mean, however, that you have to have the physical capacity to move large and heavy items of furniture, as well as all the other jobs that you will need to complete in this time.

To help you do this and save a substantial amount of money, it’s a good idea to recruit a group of friends or family and host a moving party. This is when you ask your nearest and dearest to come and help you load up the van, and as a ‘thank you’ provide food and drinks at the end for their hard work.

Although, it is worth bearing in mind that, if they drop and break any items you won’t be insured like you would be with a professional mover. Additionally, you still have the problem of unloading everything when you get to the new place to solve, unless you take everyone with you to help, that it.  Something that makes it important to weigh up the money you are saving with the disadvantages of doing it all yourself.