There Are Only 2 Choices: Texas Or Florida

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relocating to texas or florida

When it comes to investing in property, there are those that want to put their money somewhere labeled as up and coming in order to maximize their returns and there are those that want to go with the safe-bet that will be slow and steady but promise to be a winner. If you are in the former group, then this article is not for you and that’s because we aren’t here to write about which risks are going to be worth the gamble.

If, however, you want to invest in a property that is as close to being a sure thing as humanly possible, then you really want to read on because these locations in Florida and Texas have been mainstays on every list over recent years and will continue to be moving into the future.

Best Cities In Texas

relocating to texas or florida


While this amazing city in the Lone Star State may not have grown in population as much as some of the others (don’t worry, we’re going to move on to them in a second), there is a much stronger employment growth and rental return here, and that’s why you should see Nu Home Source Realty for more information on what is out there. Seriously. This is an absolute winner. In fact, research shows that you could pay off your property in as little as a dozen years.

San Antonio

What has made San Antonio so attractive over recent years is the wonderful cocktail of a booming economy mixed with a growing population. It is the perfect recipe for a successful investment. To back this up with some cold hard facts, this city has enjoyed the eighth highest rate of growth in all of America, seeing house values increase by over 11.5 percent year after year after year.

Best Cities In Florida


This city has become the place to invest when it comes to property. Why? Well, it is to do with multiple reasons, but one of the most important is the growth in population it has been enjoying. It has grown by almost 2.5%, which puts it second to Seattle and that’s all. That isn’t all, though; it also came second in the race for employment growth. As such, the value of houses here have grown by twelve percent in the last year alone.  

St. Petersburg

This amazing city has seen a solid amount of growth on all the important fronts; employment, population, house value and rental return. To circle the big winners on this front, employment has grown by over 3.5% (which is amazing) and the house value almost reached 15%, which is the third best in all of the US. What does this mean for the buy to rent investor? Your home could be paid off in just fifteen years, that’s what. Trust us, that is a lot less than the national average. A lot less.

With that in mind, where you put your money is completely up to you. But no matter which city you choose, you’ll find it is a sound investment.