7 Things Business Clients Will Appreciate About Your Company

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things business clients will appreciate

If you have just entered the business-to-business market and would like to attract corporate clients, it is important that you create a brand image professionals and managers can relate to. You are dealing with people who are laser focused on their success and who have limited time to do their research.

You will have to grab every opportunity to reassure them that they are in good hands, and you will help them improve their profits or productivity. Below you will find a list of things business owners appreciate, so you can tailor your services or products to their needs.

Clear Communication

Business clients will want you to get straight to the point, instead of trying to give them various options and decisions. Their first question will be “what is in it for me”. This said, they will want the details, but no fluff, just the facts. You are more likely to impress them with a professional presentation or an infographic, maybe a case study or white paper than a funny video about how you work. You will have to tell them exactly what the next step is, give them clear deadlines and concrete results.

This is how you can win over clients each time.


When you are trying to secure business clients, it is important that you treat them with respect. When meeting in person, be on time, and don’t take more of their time than necessary. Any business method that will save your clients time or money will be welcome by B2B sales clients.  It is also important that you don’t try to appear more than you are, and only give out information that can be checked. Even though company directors and managers don’t have the time, they have the resources to get their employees check what you are saying is true.

No new clients? This may be why.

Good Reputation

It is also crucial that your business has a spotless reputation if you would like to impress business clients. You will need to check all the review sites and social media accounts, so you can show off your social proof and make the decision of your customers easier. If they have any doubts, they will move on to the next company, as they don’t want to risk making the wrong choice.

Customer Service Skills

If you want to make it a pleasure for your clients to deal with you, it is important that you train your staff to be polite and attentive. If you are not in the office, make sure that they take the message and try to engage in a conversation with the client. Getting a call answering service if you are a solopreneur might also be a good idea, as you will appear professional and get back to your potential clients as soon as possible. Bad customer service will not only reduce your conversion rates, but also damage your business image and reputation.

Here’s how to improve your customer experience.

Awards and Recognition

If there’s one thing that will impress your business clients and help them make the decision, it is your qualifications, awards, and professional recognition. You can use these as your unique selling proposition, so you can set yourself aside from the rest of the companies offering the same service. If you have skills and experience, and good feedback, it might be time to show off.

Competitive Packages

It is important that you keep an eye on your competition and stay up to date with their offers, so you can tailor yours accordingly. Business managers are likely to get more than one service provider’s quotes and proposals, so you need to find a way to stand out and offer more value. You have to update and improve your packages to reflect the needs of your clients and the market trends, so you can speak the same language as your client.

Loyalty Programs

Business clients, just like end users like feeling appreciated and respected. If you can create a valuable and appealing loyalty program, you are more likely to keep your business clients happy for longer. You will need to offer an incentive for them to stay with you and keep them from shopping around for better deals. If you can show them that they are important for your company, your job will be much easier.

Managing your business and dealing with corporate clients can be challenging. You will need to adopt new behaviors, monitor your competition, your reputation, and your communication if you would like to win the contract. Focus on providing consistent value and reassurances, and you will be successful on the business-to-business market.