Trade Shows: How To Use Them To Get More Clients

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Trade Shows: How To Use Them To Get More Clients

Face it:

Businesses that are designed to be for consumers are not the same as those designed for clients.

One is simply doing business with individuals that have a need to make their lives easier, while the other deals with a company needing to solve problems.

For example, a business that is trying to become the best bakery brand in the world will have a need to have a great oven that keeps up with massive demand. The company that wants their business, will need to make an oven that will satisfy the requirements of the business.

This means, the latter is a B2B-oriented company that lives and dies on the demand from other businesses. Making some fantastic products that can only be used for a mass-market need, this kind of business will aim to be an industry expert.

The little oven in a home is all well and good, but a huge multiple-ton oven that can help pizza restaurants and coffee shops stay open is a different kettle of fish. One of the best ways to beat out rivals, is to be the highlight of a trade show.

But first:

You need to improve your visibility.

Pre Trade Show Marketing

Your marketing campaign should be in full swing for the trade show well before it actually happens. Businesses have got so much on their minds, they will most likely only learn more about the trade show a week or so in advance.

That’s why you should be sending out marketing campaigns to all your prospective businesses, building up a fervor around what you have to offer.

Advertise new information on your social media, unveil new products or at least give the hint of them. Focus on B2B communication that reaches the right audience, such as by personalizing email letters to relevant businesses, speaking directly about their needs and highlighting how you could fulfill them.

This will boost your website traffic and start to gain the attention you need before you even set up your stand. It’s quite effective to offer premium tours of your trade show stand, giving business leaders access to products and services at the show before anyone else.

Treat every potential client as a VIP, and they will notice the extra effort you make.

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Trade Show Success Strategies

While at the trade show, you must do the legwork and go around meeting the relevant businesses to your company. The leaders of these businesses will be walking around, but also doing interviews and talking to everyone at the show. You have to get around and go meet these people in-person while at the show.

You don’t want to meet them after the show is over one day and say ‘oh sorry, just missed you’. That’s a potential sale gone out the window. Make a list of the people that are important to you regarding the businesses that may make a purchase or sign a contract with your company and reach out to them during the trade show.

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Trade shows are superior to business conferences and exhibitions when you are a business reliant on B2B clients.

That’s why you need to begin your targeted trade show marketing strategy well in advance of the show, and meet clients face-to-face while at the show.

Offer to give them a tour yourself and make it personal.