May 24, 2017

Which Financial Institutes Have Survived The Recent Financial Recession and Why

There is no question more than a few financial institutes died by the wayside after the 2008 Crash. And after the Federal Reserve issued a series of “stress tests” on the banks that did initially keep their doors open after the crash, the Fed found even more which were too shaky to safely continue. Of […]

Does Education Assume Importance With Respect To Binary Options Success?

Article by:  Marie Nelson (Email: One of the new and exciting ways of making money is with the help of binary options. It is possible to consider binary options trading as one of the best ways of earning money during your spare time. If you are looking at the option of enjoying the desired degree […]

Why Using a Credit Card is a Sensible Financial Decision

Article by: Melissa Taylor With more than 500 million credit cards in circulation in the United States, Americans are no strangers to our beloved plastic. Experts in personal finance spend a lot of effort trying to convince people why we should never lay a finger on a credit card. With nearly sixty percent of Americans carrying […]

Five Ways Fantasy Baseball is Like Personal Finance

We tend to think of personal finance as a complicated subject, and it can be. It doesn’t need to be, though. Do you like to play Fantasy Baseball? Many of the concepts used in Fantasy Baseball also apply to keep your personal finances in order. Just like in baseball, you need to have a good […]

Robert Gignac: The Clock Is Ticking

I was having dinner in a Chinese restaurant this week and when I cracked open my fortune cookie after the meal it read – “Have you prepared for your worry free retirement with more money than you’ll need?” Ok, it didn’t actually say that, it said something more along the lines of – “May you […]

It Doesn’t Cost a Dime to Give a Child a Brighter Future!

By: Elizabeth Dreckman It’s the time of year when Arizona’s children head back to school.  For some of them, future is looking much brighter thanks to scholarships from Arizona School Choice Trust. Founded in 1993, Arizona School Choice Trust (ASCT) is the oldest and most experienced School Tuition Organization in Arizona.  The mission of ASCT is […]

Credit Cards and the College Student

  This month, thousands of students return to college campuses across the United States for another year of academic enrichment. If the phrase “academic enrichment” sounds like one that an “academic” would use, well, I’m “guilty as charged.” Having taught writing and literature at various colleges and universities for 16 years, I know firsthand that […]

Every Child Deserves the Chance to Succeed!

every child deserves a chance to succeed

By: Elizabeth Dreckman Did you know that companies that do business in Arizona are eligible to participate in Arizona’s Corporate Tax Credit Program?  This program allows a company to redirect its state tax liability to a School Tuition Organization, like Arizona School Choice Trust.  The company receives a dollar-for-dollar tax credit, and Arizona School Choice Trust […]

Comparing Do-It-Yourself Debt Reduction Methods

Comparing Do-It-Yourself Debt Reduction Methods

By: Connie Solidad When you have too much unsecured credit card debt and your bills start to get out of control, you need to make a plan to reduce your credit card debt quickly and efficiently. While paying according to the minimum payment schedules set by your creditors will maintain your credit rating, it doesn’t actually […]


arizona school choice trust corporate tax credit

  By: Elizabeth Dreckman Each year, companies that do business in Arizona are eligible to participate in the corporate tax credit program – it’s free to participate, as it’s simply a redirection of your state tax liability to a scholarship program. For doing so, your company can receive a dollar-for-dollar credit. This year’s new fiscal […]