Recap of #EntrepreneurIntervention, #GEW Twitter Chat with Jerry Sullivan and Pete Kelly of @FM_Strategies

This is the Twitter transcript of Financial Bin’s chat with Jerry Sullivan and Pete Kelly of Framework Media Strategies (@FM_Strategies) on Wednesday, November 16, 2011:


@FinancialBin: What is entrepreneurship to you? What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

Jerry Sulivan: #Entrepreneurship is the ability to take your talents and marry them with your dreams and get results!

Pete Kelly: Entrepreneurship is the will to succeed, taking a dream and making it a reality.

@FinancialBin: What was your first entrepreneurial experience?

JS: I think I owned a lemonade stand once as a child?  All kidding aside, this is my 1st #entrepreneurial experience and I love every minute of it!

PK: Freelance graphic design work for musicians…CD Layout and Merchandise

@FinancialBin: What was the greatest obstacle you’ve overcome on your entrepreneurial journey, and what was the lesson learned?

JS: Managing our time to address all of our lofty but very attainable goals.  We’ve learned that its not a race but small achievements along the way to reaching goals.

PK: looking past financial restrictions and working with what we had to get off the ground

@FinancialBin: You guys only graduated from college a few yrs ago. You speak to college students about your company & #entrepreneurship.

JS: Yes that’s correct last night we spoke to @shupirate #PRSSA students about being a #PR pro.

@FinancialBin: If you could give one piece of entrepreneurial advice to every college student, what would it be?

PK: At a recent panel at SHU, my advice to students: Be Creative and Think Outside the Box.

JS: Know your strengths & align them with industry trends be4 solo. More:

@FinancialBin: How did you guys prepare yourselves to be #entrepreneurs? Can you prepare?

JS: Our start came with alot of planning and research, but we still learn a lot along the way… you can build skills in an industry & contacts but when u r an entrepreneur, new ballgame.

PK: Definitely! Find the confidence to make your entrepreneurial dream a reality then do it.

@FinancialBin: What did you guys wish you knew when you started that you know now as #business owners?

JS: Honestly how much fun it was! Had I know, I would’ve started earlier. Quite serious on that.

PK: definitely the amount of time I would be spending up late night. Love every minute!

@FinancialBin: Would you do anything differently?

JS: Tough question really because there is so much more we’re still wanting to do yet!  … and we’re working on all of those ideas right now. Very happy tho with what’s come 2 pass.  Point I’m trying to make is we’re still ‘doing’, so no room to change anything just yet.

PK: excited with everything we have done so far. Wouldn’t change anything yet!

@FinancialBin: Would you like to share any future plans? Where do you see FMS going?

JS: Sky’s the limit. Had a new client meeting today actually. A lot of opportunity out there … we’re completing phase 1 of a 3 phase initiative & continue 2 add new types of clients

PK: continuing with our preset clients, acquiring new business and expanding our team. Growth!

@FinancialBin: Outside of your business, what do you enjoy doing?  What keeps you going outside of your business?

PK: Technology! I love new gadgets, software, and new web trends.. Super nerd

JS: Adult softball officianado right here! P, C & OF. Hoping to get called up by #NYMets … also big into reading up on advance of #socialmedia and new media tools. Fascinating!

@FinancialBin: What is your favorite quote on business or entrepreneurship?

JS: Just the other day someone share with me, “If it doesn’t work we’re not doing it anymore”. And I think that’s what #entrepreneurism is ALL about; new, creative thought.

PK: “Don’t let anyone ever tell you no” and follow your dreams.

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