2022 Market Trends for the Food and Beverage Industries

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2022 Market Trends for the Food and Beverage Industries

The food and beverage industry has never been more saturated with products in human history. There seem to be a thousand different options online and at the supermarket, so getting ahead of the competition is imperative for success.

So how do these companies gain a marketing trend? They keep up with the shifting preferences of consumers. Here are three of the 2022 market trends for the food and beverage industries.

Gen-Z Focused

Remember about 10 years ago when the most valuable consumers were millennials? Businesses today still focus on this specific audience by marketing to them directly. However, Gen-Z, or “Zoomers,” are growing up and becoming more critical for all industries. As such, companies in 2022 are heavily branding for young people.

But what is a Gen-Z-focused marketing plan? It all comes down to the things that young consumers prioritize. Zoomers are more likely to spend more on a quality item. They prefer sustainable products that actively fight climate change. They like social-conscious brands that develop personalities online and participate in topical conversations.

They’re the “new kids on the block,” and businesses must cater to them when selling food and beverage products. Shift your company toward this trend and embrace the changing industry.

Unique Branding

Go on Twitter, and you’ll find that some individuals base parts of their personal identity on the brands they enjoy. You’ll often see this in the clothing industry, but there are entire fandoms built on the existence of their favorite food and drink brands.

The most notable brands become staples in pop culture, meaning those businesses get free marketing with little effort. Even with small details, like effect label design, you sell an image and identity that consumers relate to immensely.

Plant-Based and Natural

This trend is a byproduct of Gen-Z consumers, but naturally-sourced items are becoming more attractive across all age groups. People seek out food made with fresh ingredients that are collected ethically. That’s why artisan businesses do so well.

There are also more people practicing plant-forward diets than ever before. Some do it for personal beliefs, health reasons, or protecting the environment. You’ll find plant-based products lining every shelf in America, and these items become more popular each day. Consider taking advantage of this trend and create food and beverages that satisfy these preferences.

The 2022 market trends for the food and beverage industries revolve around the changes in our society. Consumers have different priorities regarding what products they reach for, and the businesses that recognize this outperform the competition. Consider implementing these ideas into your company and reap the rewards.