3 Reasons Why Committing Is Essential to Your Business

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Don't cut corners. Here are some reasons why committing is essential to your business.

For many entrepreneurs, there is a strong temptation to “hedge their bets,” and to attempt to keep many different strategies, business ventures, and schemes going all at once.

While it is possible to have success with multiple businesses simultaneously, it’s highly debatable whether it’s possible to do so unless you dedicate all of your energy to each business at a time, until it is up and running to a decent standard.

On top of this, there is a further temptation which some people unfortunately give in to – namely to cut corners, and do things in an unethical manner in order to try and “game the system.”

Don’t cut corners. Here are some reasons why committing is essential to your business.


Because if there is an easy way out you are likely to take it


If you are trying to develop a business, but aren’t fully invested in it, then there is a strong probability that you will give up on the venture altogether, as soon as adversity rears its ugly head, and the experience becomes distinctly uncomfortable.

Or, to say it another way, if there is an easy way out, you are likely to take it when circumstances get tough.

Resilience is a major factor in the success of any business, and the ability to absorb setbacks and continue moving forward optimistically is invaluable if you want to make it to the point where your efforts consistently pay off, and your business is fruitful.


Because more focused and comprehensive options often yield better results


If you were going to try and set up the infrastructure for your business in a single weekend, and weren’t also planning on following that up with a dedicated focus on iterative improvements over time, it’s not very likely that your business would function very well.

Generally speaking, more focused and comprehensive options and approaches tend to lead to better outcomes, and are often particularly good at defusing would-be issues that might develop down the line.

If you were looking to recruit new team members, for example, a cursory glance at the differences between integrated vs standalone recruitment software would tell you that, despite higher initial costs, integrated software is significantly more likely to lead to a successful hire. It’s also also likely to save you a lot of time and work in other areas of your business, as well as potentially saving you a good deal of money over time.


Because making a success of a business is hard, and unless you’re applying all your focus, your prospects are not great


One of the major issues with “get rich quick schemes” is that they imply that you can make a success of a business, and make lots of money, in a hurry, and with little effort.

In reality, it’s often difficult to become rich without running a successful business, and making a success of a business is hard and requires a lot of work, effort, attention, and, generally, time.

If you don’t focus wholeheartedly on your business, and give it as much of your time, energy, and focus as you possibly can, it’s very unlikely that you will be up to the challenge of making a success of it.