3 Tech Upgrades To Improve Productivity In Your Business

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3 Tech Upgrades To Improve Productivity In Your Business

A lot of people will tell you that technology has had a negative effect on productivity in the workplace. In some cases, this might be true because people are spending more time on social media or on their phones when they should be working. But the reality is, technology is actually one your biggest assets when you’re trying to increase productivity in the workplace if you know how to use and manage it properly. These are some of the best tech upgrades for improving productivity in the workplace.

The Cloud

Cloud storage is fast becoming the norm in all areas of personal technology and it can be a huge help in your business too. Say, for example, one of your employees needs a specific document. With the old paper system, they’d have to go through a filing cabinet and find it which isn’t too much of a problem if everything is organized well and where it needs to be. Still, it’s quite time consuming and sometimes, people don’t put things back in the right place. But with a cloud storage system, it’s so easy for people to pull up whatever documents they need from any computer that they like, which means people can work more effectively outside of the office as well. Cloud storage also makes it a lot easier for employees to collaborate on things and pass information between one another seamlessly. There are risks involved with cloud computing though, so you’ve got to be careful. There is an increased risk of cyber attacks so make sure that you get an experienced IT company to install it for you (visit Kosh Solutions for more information). They’ll be able to make sure that all of the necessary security systems are in place so you don’t lose any sensitive data.


Blockchain is a secure system for recording transactions online, best known as a way of trading cryptocurrency. But there are plenty of other uses that could benefit your business. Some employers are starting to pay employees with cryptocurrency and cutting out the banks so you save some money on charges. They’re also a far more efficient way of creating and managing contracts, and you’ve got an extra level of security there which is always a bonus. The technology hasn’t been adopted that widely outside of the cryptocurrency but it’s likely to be quite influential in the future, so start looking into the possibilities now and you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Calendar Apps

Organization is a key part of productivity. If employees can split their day up properly they’ll be making more efficient use of their time. Everybody has their own way of doing this but you should consider encouraging them to use calendar apps. They will help to keep everything organized and make sure that nothing is forgotten. You can also create shared calendars that everybody can access which improves communication between employees and ensures that everybody is on the same page when working on projects together etc.

It’s true that technology can be a distraction sometimes but if you know how to make good use of it, it can really improve productivity in your business.