5 Different Types of Advertising to Benefit Your Business

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5 Different Types of Advertising to Benefit Your Business

Everybody knows that advertising is the best way to attract new customers, but with so many options, it’s hard to decide what would work best for your business. From traditional print ads to trendy social media posts, there’s no end to the creative ways you can promote your product or service. It’s important to learn more about each medium so you can choose the best one for your advertising campaign. To help you out, here are five different types of advertising to benefit your business.

Radio and Podcast

Radio advertisements are a classic, reliable way to spread your brand, and the medium has only grown with the rise of podcasts. If there is a particular radio station or podcast that your target audience tunes into, invest in regular advertising with those providers. When creating radio advertisements, it’s important to come up with attention-grabbing, memorable content so that listeners stay tuned and remember what they heard later on, when they’re looking for your product.


Like radio and podcast advertisements, video ads have evolved to stay relevant in our ever-changing world. Even though, as resources like these Infinity Dish statistics suggest, DVRs and streaming websites have made it easier to watch television without watching the commercials, video advertisements thrive online. Short advertisements are key in order to hold the audience’s attention, which means you must make them interesting and to-the-point. Fortunately, video ads also come with the benefit of sight and sound. Great visuals and voice over work are important aspects of this marketing tool.

Social Media

Part of learning about the different types of advertising to benefit your business is to keep an eye on current trends. For example, social media’s popularity has skyrocketed over the last several years, and so has its use as an advertising platform. Social media advertisements offer real-time responses, which means you can gauge your audience’s reaction much faster. This type of advertisement also allows a little more creative freedom. Many brands have gained huge followings and recognition because of their clever content or witty interactions with customers online.

Display Ads

In both digital and print advertising, display ads help create a strong brand presence by getting your name in front of more people. While most advertisements are subtle about their intention, display ads are a bold way to sell your products or services. Your target audience plays a huge role in designing and implementing your display ads. Buy spaces in newspapers or on websites that your demographic is actively reading so you can spend your money reaching the right people.


One of the benefits of magazine advertisements is that readers tend to keep their magazines for longer. Unlike digital advertisements or radio spots, a potential customer will be able to go back and find your advertisement when they need to remember it. Magazines are another great way to reach a specific audience as well. Look for specialist magazines that your target demographic is likely to read and place your advertisements there.