5 Important Facts about Bed Bugs That You Ought to Know

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5 Important Facts about Bed Bugs That You Ought to Know

Bed bugs are the flat and oval-shaped creatures which can conquer your house and has the ability to disturb your whole routine. Although these insects are very small in size and do not cause any major health problems, they can interrupt your sleeping pattern and cause stress.

It is important for you to know about their basic characteristics and patterns in order to avoid their entry into your home. There are many treatments available for this purpose but your knowledge can save you days of emotional and financial stress. Understanding the basic things like knowing the difference between the bite of a bed bug and a normal bug will help you in dealing with this problem.

Following are some important facts that you should know about the bed bugs:

What is their diet?

Bed bugs basically feed off the skins of animals and human beings. They prefer feeding off human blood as they can conveniently find exposed skin on their bodies as compared to animals. These species feed off your blood while you are sleeping. That is the main reason that we are not able to spot them in our rooms; they lurk around the house in the dark while everyone is sleeping.

Where do they live?

Once the bed bugs find their way into your house, then there is no stopping them. They spread around the house and hide in the places where nobody can spot them easily. Jordan Larson from CustomBedBug says that bed bugs hide in dark, hard to reach places, like the seams of a mattress, the cracks of a box spring, or even underneath wallpaper. While looking for the bedbugs, you will need to inspect every corner of the house very thoroughly.

What are their symptoms?

Sleepless and uncomfortable nights are the first indication that you might be surrounded by bed bugs. These disturbed nights are then followed by itchiness and rashes all over the exposed areas of your body. You will also find small blood stains at the corner of your bed or on other furniture. A strange odor will also spread inside your room which gives a clear sign that your room is infested by bed bugs. Accordingly, as soon as you notice a combination of these signs, it is strongly recommended that you reach out to a pest control specialist such as a member of the team at Pest Control Experts – moreover, you can learn more about some of the different ways that bed bugs can be banished from your home on their website here: https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/

What is the effect of their bite?

The reason why we are not woken up by their bite is that their saliva has an anesthetic effect which increases the blood flow and makes their bite painless. Although their bite has no severe or harmful effect on your health, it can still cause uneasiness, anxiety and several other problems. The thought of someone feeding on your body can drive anyone crazy and lead to insomnia.

Do they travel?

Bed bugs do have the tendency to cling to anything they can hold onto. Living in hotels and traveling in public transport are the biggest ways through which bed bugs enter our home. Even living in a 5-star hotel does not give any guarantee that the rooms are safe and bedbug-free. It is wise to travel safe and clean every little thing you carry after you come back home in order to prevent the entry of bed bugs. It might be a tedious job but it is all worth it.

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