5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Adding a Virtual Phone Number to Your Business

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Adding a Virtual Phone Number to Your Business

Virtual phone numbers offer many benefits to your business. They can increase customer satisfaction and help set you apart from the competition. If you are unfamiliar with the technology, it can be helpful to learn about the features and benefits it offers.

1. You Can Create Custom and Toll-Free Numbers

A vanity number that spells out your business name or specialty is easy to remember. Customers like things to be easy and simple. Give them what they want by creating a special, easy-to-remember number and watch as brand recognition and call volume increase.

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Toll-free numbers are great options, too. For customers who are still using a landline, it gives them a chance to call you at no cost. That can be important if it would otherwise be a long-distance call or they plan to be on the line a while. It also gives a professional appearance and lets people know you took the time and initiative to set yourself apart from others.

2. Calls Can Ring to Multiple Team Members Simultaneously

When you sign up for a ninja number, you will be able to have incoming calls routed to up to five separate lines. That means that someone should be able to answer each call within a reasonable amount of time. Customers will appreciate being able to reliably reach someone who can help them and answer their questions.

3. It Streamlines Office Technology

Say goodbye to desktop clutter and hello to enhanced productivity. Virtual phone numbers use your existing technology so you won’t have to add any extra phones, chargers, or cables.

4. Amazing Features Are Available Even for Small Businesses

Even a small business can afford an amazing suite of features on a virtual number. In addition to standard features like voicemail and call forwarding, you can expect to see business-supporting options like these when you add a second phone number to your business line:

  • Team settings where calls can ring simultaneously to multiple phones
  • AI-supported automated responses for incoming calls and texts
  • A full analysis of call history and trends
  • Reports covering call data and conversation history
  • Virtual receptionists for when no one on the team can answer a call

5. It Can Increase Customer Satisfaction

When customers can reach you throughout the day, get redirected to a receptionist, or receive an automated reply that gives them extra information, they will feel valued and important. If they have a question or concern, being able to reach a team member could mean the difference between successfully resolving the problem or getting a negative online review. And no business owner wants that.

When you consider the many benefits they offer, it is easy to see why so many businesses are embracing the technology. How can a virtual number help your business grow?