An Obsessive Need To Be Organized Is A Trait Of Success

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need to be organized is a trait of success

Ever feel like you were the magpie of your family?

You constantly wanted things to be organized in your life. It wasn’t that you found some kind of weird joy out of neatly folding your towels in the drawer in the order you intended to use them, it just gave your life order. Nothing could blindside you that was in your hands, so you feel more relaxed and in control of everything.

Some people might have laughed at you and called you a busybody. Even you might have stopped and asked whether you were being a little too obsessive about being organized. We need both organization and unpredictability in our lives so that spontaneous adventures are allowed to happen and mean something. In the global sphere of work, being organized is a clear sign of success.

Just think about what you expect when you are the customer of your favorite restaurant. Sure you want the food to taste great and express complex flavors, but you want your service to be sharp and timely. The same attitudes can and should be adopted for business.

The I/O psychology

From the outside, every business looks like it’s aim is, for one thing, to earn profits. On the inside, it’s a battle of determination and waste.

Business owners are determined to paint the town red as it were. They want the world to reflect their ideals and how they believe the world could possibly function with their products and services being at tips of the spears.

Waste is the enemy of progression and effort. Profits are totally at the mercy of not just good products but smooth, orderly processes of the supply chain. The industrial and organizational psychology is a study of principles of the workplace.

Human beings that are extra organized or place a lot of worth on their business being organized are inherently those who can grasp dynamics and ground them. Who does what, when, why, how and who takes over, is the question that is asked by such people of their business.

When you can control and watch what each segment of your business does, you can value it’s worth and note the improvements that can be made. Being organized in business is a systematic approach to success.

How does it manifest itself?

If you’re the type of person who believes that the glass is half full or that every penny will make up the dollars, chances are you’re inclined to the lean manufacturing philosophy. What lean manufacturing is, is the systematic approach to engaging the needs of the customer and delivering the best value to them while minimizing waste as much as possible.

Waste is the bane of all productive steps, and you don’t have to put up with it for a second. A lean approach will take a good long look at each process and procedure that your business makes, and step by step identify where waste is occurring. Even if things look fine, there’s always a chance you could make product travel quicker from inception, creation, manufacturing, packaging and in the customer’s hands.

In normal life yes sure, being overly obsessive about how much onions you have on your burger is very trying on one’s patience. But in business, this kind of mindset is like a samurai sword, cutting through the supply chain like butter to eliminate needless expenditures.