Business Owners: Here’s How To Take The Pressure Off

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take the pressure off

When it comes to your business, you might feel like you should be all go all the time. But, in reality, you’ll burn out in no time. It takes a lot out of you to be mentally, emotionally and physically ‘on’ all the time. And, taking care of yourself is taking care of your business. So here are a few ways to take the pressure off yourself, even just for 15 minutes.


It’s not just a buzzword, it isn’t just for hippies – it is one of the best ways you can calm your mind and ensure you have ten minutes just ‘being.’ Some days, everything can (and will) go wrong, and it is so easy to lose faith in what you are doing. Learning how to meditate means you will be able to bring things into perspective and relax. Reminding yourself what you should be thankful for, considering how much has gone right. If you struggle with meditation, then check out the Calm app, and Headspace. They have guided meditation sessions that will help you tackle a range of things.


Streamlining and delegation will be something you have to do. Of course, you can probably do most things by yourself – but in reality, you shouldn’t take on too much in one go. Hire freelancers for odd jobs that take up more of your time than they are worth (but still need to be done), check out for guidance on what managed IT services can do for you. If it takes you too long or swallows chunks of your time – pass it on.


Head out into the great wide yonder. Walking is not only useful to keep your muscles in excellent working order, but it allows your brain to process things without being overloaded with other things. Green, in general, has a positive and calming effect on us – plus it is pretty much free.


Simply for the sake of writing. By letting your words flow from your brain on to a page, you allow yourself to acknowledge things that are frustrating you and put them to bed. Write the good, the bad and the ugly down. Revisit it when you need to.


Sounds like a no brainer – because we all breath. But if you are breathing normally, or even holding your breath slightly in periods of stress, you’re going to end up more tightly wound. Take purposeful big, deep breaths and count them in and out. Start by breathing in for 5 and out for 10 a few times in moments of high stress. It will help you relax, lowers blood pressure, and with just a 5-minute slot of this per day,, you’ll feel the effects quickly.

If you have hobbies, you should try to make sure that you have space in your life to do them. Things that make you happy that aren’t related to your business will give you that distance that is so vital when you and your business are as one.

Business Owners: Here’s How To Take The Pressure Off