Career Advancement: Using Failure As An Opportunity

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Career Advancement

Bad experiences in business are never pleasant.

They can result in lost jobs and a feeling that you’re in the wrong career altogether. Plus, they seemingly kill any opportunities for career advancement.

That’s not good news, nor is it fair.

Still, it’s a situation far too many of us find ourselves in. Not every workplace offers a positive environment.

The majority of us work in a space which makes us uncomfortable at some stage. It may be that an office worker feels discriminated against. Or, a construction worker could feel unsafe.

Either way, these can undo the career a person thought they wanted. They paint an unrealistic and inaccurate picture of what these careers involve. They certainly shouldn’t lead to lost dreams and changing priorities.

Instead of hanging up your career, why not use these experiences as a foundation on which to start something new?

That way, these experiences further your career instead of scuppering it. What’s more, you can open a positive workplace to save others experiencing what you did.

To help you get started, read on to find out how the following bad experiences qualify you to go it alone.

Bad experiences with a boss

It’s sad to say, but there are many bad bosses.

As can be seen from sites like, many of us are unhappy with management in some way.

For many, these issues remain under the surface. Things like lack of appreciation are disheartening, but rarely enough to see us moving on.

By comparison, issues such as bullying or unfair expectations can shake staff to the core. This is the kind of thing you want to avoid in your workplace.

By using your experiences as a method for career advancement, you can do everything that boss didn’t. Reaching out to staff and listening to what they have to say is often all it takes to get this right.

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A workplace injury

Workplace injuries are a leading cause of lost careers.

A severe injury can leave you unable to work, but even a minor one can leave you unwilling. While there are lawyers out there to help with this, like those you’ll find from, they can’t save your career or your mentality.

The best way to overcome fear is by taking the helm. That way, you can rest easy both your and your worker’s safety are under control.

You’ll be able to research health and safety laws and implement them with your history in mind. This ensures you’ll be thorough about this matter, and won’t let any issues slip through those cracks.

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Problems with co-workers

Sometimes, of course, in-work issues are nothing to do with management.

But, even experience with these can qualify you to start a successful company.

If you’ve experienced discrimination from co-workers, you’ll understand this issue. You’ll know about the need for confidentiality and swift action in matters like these.

You’ll also be in the best position to spot problems where another manager may not.

With these skills to hand, you can do everything possible to achieve the harmonious workplace you were unable to find elsewhere. Rather than using them as a way for coping with career failure, let them be a springboard for your career advancement.

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