6 Ways To Clean Up Your Office Space Easily

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clean up your office space easily

When you work from home, in a home office, it can often be difficult keeping well organized and clean. There are a few things that you can purchase for your home office environment will make it much friendlier to be in.

Having a well-organized, clean, and safe work environment helps productivity. The first step to ensuring that your office is well organized is actually giving it good thorough clean. However, we have plenty of small tips that you can implement, and small items you can purchase to help you get organized.

Get Your Paperwork In Order

Pick up some colored files and folders, sit down with all of your paperwork and start getting it in order. I’ll often is the case paperwork tends to get piled up in a non-specific order. Which makes it incredibly difficult to find what you need later on. You might choose to arrange yours alphabetically, or color coordinated, how you do it doesn’t really matter what matters is that you do it.

Clean Out Your Desk

Take some time to clean out any of the drawers that you have your desk. Very often we have pen lids, and broken pens scrap of paper receipts and now stashed away in there. Most of which we don’t use, and we could probably use the space of something better. Pick up a reasonably priced drawer organizer, then fill the drawer with themes use on a daily basis.

Label Your Stuff

Get yourself some labels. If you have boxes of items, or have used the tips above to organize everything, you might need labels on the outside to make sure that you know where everything goes. Sticky labels are relatively inexpensive, and the organization perks of them are pretty high. Label up your filing cabinets, your folders, even your pens if you work in a shared office space.

Pen Pots

As well as organizing your drawer space to be a suitable environment for any office supplies, get some pen pots too. This will enable you to make sure that your desk surface is neat as possible. Often it can be difficult to concentrate when our environment is cluttered.

List It Out

Get a pin board, or a whiteboard and use it to add your to-do list on a daily basis. Be sure to tick things off as you go. Writing down the list sets your mind in action to achieve those items listed. You might also like to add an ‘end time’ next to each job, keeping you on track for the whole day by setting yourself clear deadlines.

Schedule Your Cleaning

Keep on top of the organization by setting aside one day a week to clean, and one day a month to ensure all paper filing is in of good order.  

Set up a ‘weekender’ box. Any jobs that aren’t a priority pop them in the ‘weekender’ box. The box is for little jobs that do need to be tackled but don’t make a significant impact if they aren’t done immediately.

Consider your office an extension of you and your business – keep it well presented and productive.