4 Steps You Need To Create A High Converting Landing Page

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create a high converting landing page

A landing page is a doorway to your business for a lot of consumers. It’s the first page they see when they stumble on your site, so it needs to make a good first impression.

With a perfectly designed landing page, you will convert a high proportion of consumers that visit it. As a result, you could see numerous figures increase, such as your sales, email list, and so on.

Bearing that in mind, what’s the art of a high converting landing page? When you analyze some of the best around, you’ll find they all contain similar components.

A Specific Purpose

Your landing page needs to have a very specific purpose, or else it just won’t work effectively. When you have a particular purpose, it narrows the focus of the page. This makes it much easier to a) attract the right people to the page, and b) convert them.

If you start talking about lots of different things, then it’s harder for someone to properly engage with the content and want to do something. But, when the page has been set up for a specific purpose, with a narrow focus, then they know what you’re offering, and you don’t provide distractions.

Visuals That Engage

It’s so crucial that you have good visuals on your landing page that can engage the people who visit it. Doing this helps keep them on the page, which is one of the secrets to improving your conversion. Pictures are good, but I quite enjoy animated videos for business purposes as well.

The benefit of these videos is that you have a visual element that people can really engage with, but also one that can explain things to them. Perhaps you use the animation to detail your service or to showcase how a product works. As a consequence, this may help convince someone to go ahead and spend their money, boosting your sales.

A Big Call To Action

The call to action is arguably the most critical element of a landing page. Without one, you’ll never convert. This is pretty much the thing you use to get people to complete the desired action. More often than not, you should have a nice big button on the page for someone to click and be taken to either a payment screen, a form they fill in, or whatever it is you hope to achieve from your landing page.

But, there also needs to be text informing the consumer what you want them to do. For example; Click here if you want to buy our product today! That’s a very generic example, and isn’t particularly good! But, the point remains, you need a big and clear call to action.


Finally, the landing page needs to be relevant. If someone arrives on it after clicking an online ad, then you need to ensure the page reflects the advert. Otherwise, it’s just false advertising, which will not convert leads, and probably lands you in trouble too!

There you go; the art of a high converting landing page. I strongly advise you use these tips if your business is keen to convert more online leads.