Customer Reassurance: The Best Free Gift You Can Give Your Customers

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Customer Reassurance: The Best Free Gift You Can Give Your Customers

There’s a whole lot of uncertainty in the world to day.

It seems as though we are beset on all sides by conflicts and controversies, by borders and barriers, by walls and impediments. We live in a time where political and economic sureties are few and far between.

Is it any wonder that we cling to stability wherever we can find it?

Is it any wonder that we stick with the tried and true rather than spending our hard earned money on a gamble which may or may not pay off?

Perhaps that’s the reason why we see people walk past the excellent indie coffee house to wait in line at Starbucks, why the deli round the corner is practically empty but McDonald’s is packed out.

Does it come as a huge surprise that the bold and ambitious movies see relatively small box office returns while the next Avengers movie will inevitably make billions?

We’ve become reassurance junkies, and when we find a pure, untapped source of reassurance we will return to us again and again. In an uncertain time, perhaps the best free gift that we can give our customers is reassurance.

Of course, this can come in many forms and how you choose to deliver it to your customers is up to you. Below, we have a few examples of great customer reassurance tips and ideas.

Reassurance that their data is safe with you

In an era of cybercrime and data trafficking it’s little wonder that your customers crave reassurance that their data is safe with you.

Whether you’re using BlueSnap to facilitate easy and secure credit card transactions, investing in an SSL certificate to demonstrate that your website is secure or ensuring that your customer relationship management data is safe and secure is up to you.

Nonetheless, of you under-invest in keeping your customer data safe, don’t be surprised if your more security conscious clientele take their business elsewhere.

Reassurance that you won’t unexpectedly hike up your prices

There’s nothing more frustrating to a budget conscious customer than when a brand that they trust hikes up their prices unexpectedly. While it’s understandable that you may need to elevate your prices slightly to keep up with rates of inflation, some businesses can overcompensate at the expense of their loyal customers.

Remember that retaining a loyal customer will always be more important than inflating your margin incrementally. On the other hand, there’s real value in demonstrating to your customers that you will not raise your prices even when inflation dictates that you should.

Reassurance that their loyalty will be rewarded

Customers are growing increasingly fickle now that the digital age allows them more choice than ever. Thus, their loyalty means more now than ever.

This is where customer reassurance is so important. If your customers are going to give you the gift of their loyalty it behooves you to give them some reassurance that it will be rewarded.

Market research can play a vital role in helping to formulate rewards schemes that give them more of what they want and less

Customer reassurance is vital to your business

Finally, perhaps the most potent form of reassurance you can give your customers is that you’ll never relax your standards or strive for anything short of excellence for yourself or your employees!