Driving Can Fleece You Of Money Every Single Day

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Driving Can Fleece You Of Money Every Single Day

Where would the world be without the modern car? No, it wouldn’t be chaos, it would just be very dire and basic with economies grinding to a literal halt. That’s why we need cars, to not just get everywhere we want to go, but to and from work every day.

We drive all the time, yet we don’t realize the guillotine that is dangling over our heads the entire time. The roads are packed full of holes; legal holes to be exact. You can fall through them at any time without even noticing that you have made a mistake.

It would be a bit too paranoid to be extra cautious all the time, but if we can just keep our mind’s eye open when we do drive, we could save ourselves a lot of money. In fact, if we drive modern cars, we should invest in modern technology to help us avoid these holes.

Detecting a spy

We’re not angels that do no wrong when we’re behind the wheel. We do things that we know we shouldn’t and hope we get away with them. These could be minor things to major, but sooner or later the law will catch up with us.

Like a child, sometimes we need a bit of supervision to get us to act right. Installing a GPS tracker that can detect speed cameras could save you points on your license, a brush with the law, and of course, a ticket fine. Speed cameras usually have signs that warn you, and sometimes they don’t but there are signs explicitly stating the speed limit.

We may not see them or choose to push our luck because we don’t see the camera. The GPS will see the camera, and warn you to hold your horses and obey the speed limit.

Don’t engage

Other drivers are usually the only thing on the road that you cannot control. Most people are just like you, cautious and trying to go about their business without getting involved with anybody else.

However, you have the most common form of bad drivers that tailgate you. They push their nose closer and closer to your car, hoping to intimidate you. Sometimes they can be so aggressive they even do a NASCAR bump into the rear of your car. This can be a jolt that doesn’t harm you, or it can become something much worse by making the car fishtail, spin and crash.

On the blog of Michael P. Fleming you’ll find many posts that go into what it’s like to be involved in a road accident and what you can do about it. Medical bills are the number one money issue from such incidents and no way should you be paying for them. However, if you can help it, don’t engage with these drivers, simply move out of their way.

Every single day, somebody somewhere is paying a hefty fine for speeding. There’s no way to talk your way out of it because it’s on camera. A GPS tracker can tell you when a speeding camera is coming up, and therefore give you a chance to slow down. Manic drivers should just be let loose and on their way. If you hang around too long, it could end up costing you and not them.