Easy Ways To Increase Customer Engagement

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Easy Ways To Increase Customer Engagement

In today’s world, consumer trends are moving toward buying out of emotion. Consumers want to feel a connection and a sense of trust before they buy into your brand. This desire is where engagement comes into play. Engagement can build a stronger relationship with your consumers and increase ROI down the line. There are many ways to increase customer engagement. Follow this guide to determine what works best for your business.

Act Human 

Every customer wants to feel like the business they’re interacting with understands their individual needs. Instead of hiding behind the walls of your business and setting yourself up as only a means to provide customers with a product or service, show customers what your company is passionate about. Highlight employees and loyal customers to connect faces with your brand. Speaking out on your business’s values and the causes you believe in can make consumers feel more connected and inclined to connect with your brand. 

Try Using Humor

Depending on the type of business you run, using humor in advertising or social media can be an excellent tactic to increase engagement. Humorous ads or interactions on social media are often some of the most memorable in consumers’ minds. For example, the Twitter account for the Wendy’s fast-food chain often interacts with social media users in humorous ways. By doing so, this further provokes other Twitter users to join in and creates a memorable interaction. 

Get Interactive

One of the best ways to push engagement is to entice customers to interact, either with your posts or in-person. Try posting on social media in ways that encourage users to comment by adding incentives or special shoutouts. For in-person events, consider using new technology like 3D projection mapping to allow customers to interact with your products and brand like never before. 

Know Your Limits

Trying to use humor and creating a more human persona for your brand are great options for increasing engagement, but if your business isn’t the right fit for these tactics, trying to force it can hurt your brand. Sometimes, a brand can come off as just trying to jump onto trends without any real connection to it. Before trying any new tactic, consider your audience and what appeals to them. 

Using surveys and looking at the data from previous engagement attempts can offer a lot of insight into what tactics are and are not working for your brand. Surveys also promote engagement and can curate interest in future engagement plans that your customers hope to see.

Increasing engagement should always be your business’s goal to build relationships with consumers and encourage customer loyalty. These easy ways to increase engagement are worth considering if your business is struggling to do so.