Eco-Business: Help The Environment By Cutting Down Business Travel

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Eco-Business: Help The Environment By Cutting Down Business Travel

What’s eco-business?

These days, more and more entrepreneurs are becoming conscious of how their companies are impacting on the environment.

As the public is now more aware of the current environmental issues facing us, a lot more people are now trying to only purchase products and services from businesses that have eco-friendly values at heart and are trying their best to reduce their carbon footprint and cut down on emissions. So, as well as doing something good for the world, becoming a green company will also help you attract new customers.

One way that some entrepreneurs are successfully improving the eco-status of their companies is by cutting down on business travel. All those miles in the air and on the roads are leading to some hefty emissions, which are very dangerous for the planet.

Are you interested in reducing your company’s business trips? Here are some ways you can go about learning more about eco-business.

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Do More Conference Calls

The main reason business professionals need to travel so much is so they can have meetings with current and potential clients in different regions. But these days, there is really no need to schedule so many meetings so far away from you.

Thanks to the Internet, you can now have quick and clear phone calls with people all over the world. You just need to make sure that you choose one of the business phone systems that provides you with cheap international calls. Don’t forget that it’s now also very possible to use different online video conference software as well.

Take Part In Local Conferences And Networking Events

Do you really need to travel across the country or overseas to attend a conference or networking event? I’m sure that if you check the calendar of your local business community, you will see that there are a lot of events you can go to closer to home. They may be so close that you might even be able to walk to them!

Host Webinars

If you regularly travel to offer training services to other companies, you might want to stop doing face-to-face sessions and instead offer online classes. You can carry these out in the form of webinars. This is basically an online classroom – you can give a lecture or class while people stream it remotely. You can also film your webinar in advance for people to download and use at a later date.

Take Buses And Trains

There might be sometimes when you need to travel on a business trip for various reasons. In these situations, you should try and travel by bus and train as much as possible. These are a lot more environmentally friendly than planes and cars, and can help you keep your carbon footprint down as low as possible. If a few of your employees are traveling as well, then you might want to consider carpooling which is another eco-friendly way to get about.

Conclusion: Going Forward with Eco-Business

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to cut down your business travel and help save the environment!