Effective Ways To Ruin Your Business Website

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Effective Ways To Ruin Your Business Website

Every business, no matter its shape or size, must have a website to match. After all, when consumers are planning to purchase something, they tend to look it up online first. Not having a website means that prospects will have a much harder time finding you, which will likely hinder your growth. That being said, just having a website isn’t going to help. You need one that works well, and visitors want to return to. With that in mind, here are six mistakes that you must avoid. 

Going Without A Website

The very worst thing that you can do to your website is not bothering to make one at all. Even when you operate out of a brick and mortar store, but must have a site to establish an online presence. Failing to create one means that no one is going to be able to find you online. This is sure to hold your business back. At the very least, you need a page to explain what you sell. 

Building The Site Yourself

It’s easier than ever these days to create a website by yourself. However, that doesn’t mean that this is the best option for your business. Unless you have web development experience, you should call in a professional. If you’re wondering what services this could include, you can see more here. Website builders might be cheaper, but hiring experts ensures high-quality work. 

Playing Music Right Away

Having music play automatically in the background of websites used to be a common practice. Most entrepreneurs believed that this made their website stand out and added an element of fun. The unfortunate truth is that most site visitors found it incredibly annoying. This is especially true when searching the internet in public. To stop visitors from clicking off, avoid playing music like this. 

Hiding Your Contact Information

People visit company sites for a number of reasons. While many will be there to purchase goods, others will want to get in contact with you. Few things frustrate and put customers off more than making them jump through hoops to speak with you. Rather than hide your contact information, you should add it to every page and dedicate one to just those details. 

Forgetting Trust-Building Elements

The internet is a very dangerous place. Although it can certainly be a useful tool, using it does risk you being scammed, hacked, or stolen from. Because of this, most consumers are very careful about where they spend their money. If your website doesn’t display certain trust-building elements, like an HTTPS certificate, you’ll struggle to get people to buy from you. 

Overlooking Those Mobile Users

We access the internet through mobiles, these days, much more than we do desktops and laptops. This means that, if your website isn’t optimized for those smaller devices, you could alienate a lot of your target audience. Your website must respond to a range of different devices. It should also be just as easy to view and navigate the site through these smaller pieces of tech. 

To create a website that customers want to visit, ensure that you avoid making the mistakes listed above.