Factors to Consider Before Choosing Phenolic Wheels

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Phenolic Wheels

Casters are helpful devices that allow you to transport large objects from one location to another. Their effectiveness depends on a few factors, including the weight of the loads, the frequency of mobility and the room temperature. There are several types of caster wheels that fit different scenarios. The phenolic wheel has unique properties that you should consider before choosing it as the wheel for your casters.

Best Use Practices

While you may use casters to move large objects with ease, it does not mean you will always transport them constantly. If your loads will remain in one place or barely move, phenolic wheels are the ideal choice. These wheels are at their most effective when they stay in one place. Additionally, they function well when they roll against smooth and dry concrete flooring. When using these caster wheels, try not to press them too hard against the floor, as they can easily scratch it.

Lightweight and Quiet

Phenolic wheels not only allow you to transport large items from one location to another, but they also do so with great ease and minimum noise. The combination of phenolic resin and macerated canvas gives these wheels a lower weight, which leads to efficient transportation and reduced physical overexertion. This specific composition also makes them quieter than their steel and aluminum counterparts, but they can get louder if debris builds up within the casters, increasing the forces of friction and resulting in more noise.

Resistant to Other Elements

Just like with most caster wheels, phenolic wheels are built to resist several other substances. If the outer hard shell remains intact, these wheels are strong against a variety of substances found in harsh working environments, such as mild acids, gasoline, oil, grease and other liquids. However, they are affected by stronger acids and high temperatures.

Affordability of Phenolic Wheels

One significant advantage phenolic wheels have over other types is affordability. These wheels are more economically accessible compared to other alternatives. Combine the lower price with the previous advantages and the best working conditions to consider the phenolic wheel for low-maintenance moving tasks.

As you decide on the right material for your caster wheels, the phenolic option might be appropriate depending on the project. If you plan on using casters for large equipment you will move occasionally in a room with a dry concrete floor, they are likely the reasonable choice. Just make sure to avoid overuse and prevent debris build-up for maximum efficiency.