Genetic Testing Companies: A Good Investment?

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genetic testing companies

The rise of genetic testing has exploded in recent years with people everyone clamoring to know their genetic makeup. Sites like and 23andMe have made a splash in the media and news. Beyond the social aspects of genetic testing, gene therapy and medical testing have grown and changed in recent years as well. Despite its popularity, investors still wonder whether investing in a genetic company is a good move.


Investing in the research of pharmacogenomic companies helps create and evaluate the effectiveness of certain pharmaceuticals on the genetic code. The future of drug therapy lies in the companies who work on prescriptions to make them more effective. Working with the team at Progenity, Harry Stylli uses his platform to advance genetic research to develop tools for physicians and patients.

Precision Oncology

Gene therapy and precision oncology have emerged as a way to prevent and treat certain diseases. The treatments utilize the genetic information of the individual combined with lifestyle factors and the environment to tailor treatment. Instead of guessing at the best treatment to use, researchers and doctors can use these factors to determine the best course of treatment for that particular disease and person. The life-saving potential for precision oncology is amazing. More research continues to be done to effectively provide the best medicine to patients struggling with life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

Genomics and AI

Artificial intelligence has made an impact in the world of genetic testing. The use of AI in genomics has only started. Few companies are using it, but the potential for AI to map out and determine combinations of genes that link to diseases is mindboggling. The more people who have genetic testing done, the better able AI can work with the data to predict and analyze the combination of genes leading to specific disorders or conditions. Connections that have yet to be made in the genetic code may be possible with the addition of AI to gather information and solve puzzles.

Personal Genomics

Ordering a genetic test online is a simple process now with companies such as 23andme offering an affordable way to discover more about your lineage. The simple kits are all similar regardless of company. Saliva is collected by the consumer then shipped back to the company to be examined. The company then generates a report to send to the customer. Many companies include a person’s risk of potential medical conditions right in the report. In some areas, there has been regulation put in place putting a stop on that. However, not all companies have stopped offering the full package of information. Customers have the opportunity to take more control of their medical future with these kits.

Personalized medicine is likely to stay for the long haul. The more people find out about their specific genetic makeup, the better able they are to take care of their health. Knowledge is power and the more we can tailor our medical profession to meet the unique individual needs the better able the medical community can diagnose and treat patients. The future of genetic companies has only begun.