Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

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Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

It might feel like profits will skyrocket just because of the heavy shopper season, but without a rock-solid action plan, you will miss the mark on areas of opportunity. Plan and be creative in your strategies; your shoppers and business will thank you. Here are a few holiday marketing ideas for small businesses to help you get started!

Collaborate With Bloggers

Thanks to the rise in social media bloggers and influencers, many followers and supporters take their word on what’s trendy. By setting up a collaboration deal with a blogger that closely aligns with your brand’s style, you will attract more shoppers and followers from their specific target audience. A strong social media presence during the holidays allows for gift guides to be easily accessible by your shoppers.

Host an Event

One of the most fun holiday marketing ideas for small businesses is hosting an event. You can take this opportunity to clean up inventory from the year and bring the community together. Consider collaborating with another local company near you to increase your turnout.

Give the Gift of Gift Wrapping

For many, the holidays are a time of hustling and bustling. By offering your shoppers a gift wrap option at the end of their purchase, you take some burdens off their shoulders and provide personal touches to their gifts.

Offer Gift Cards

An excellent way to maximize holiday revenue is through gift cards and gift card promotions. There will be an increase in gift-specific shopping throughout the season, and with that comes an influx of returns when things wind down—also called “return season.” When you offer gift cards and gift receipts, you can balance out any losses from the returns.

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can count on holiday shoppers to come and go heavily until Christmas and well into the new year. Take advantage of the gains from Thanksgiving weekend and fine-tune your customer service approach with some of these ideas to provide the best possible experience this season.