Hotel Amenities that Matter Most to Guests

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Hotel Amenities that Matter Most to Guests

Whether it’s a few fresh mints on the pillows or a complimentary bathrobe, a few amenities can have a large impact on how a guest feels in a hotel. As such, it’s important that you, as a new hotel owner, use these tools to create a positive experience for your visitors and encourage them to come back. However, you can’t choose just any perks to win their favor. It’s crucial that you first discover which hotel amenities matter most to guests before you try incorporating them into your own business.

Complimentary Breakfast

Guests love the chance to start the day on their terms, and spending time trying to scrounge up breakfast can deduct from the relaxing aspect of a trip. It’s because of this that hotel visitors truly appreciate it when hotels provide them with breakfast each morning. With one less thing for them to worry about, it makes it easier for them to energize themselves and get ready for a day of activities. In supplying a complimentary breakfast, however, be sure that you offer a diverse set of options to properly cater to your guests and their dietary restrictions.

Quality Toiletries

Hotel guests also tend to appreciate it when you supply them with complimentary toiletries they may have forgotten on their way out the door. While they’re essential to our everyday functioning, items such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and even toothpaste are easy to forget and inconvenient to replace. Since the last thing any vacationer wants to do is go to the grocery store, it’s important that a hotel provides some of these products for them. This simple act can greatly improve a guest’s mood and show them that you care.

Shuttle Services

Upon acquiring a larger hotel, your guests might find it tedious to travel from the lobby to their room. As such, it could be a wonderful idea to consider investing in a shuttle service. Though there are a variety of reasons why shuttles are beneficial for hotels, these advantages also serve to attract visitors. The convenience of these resources reduces the stress of needing to find transportation, while their overall accommodations make it more effective for individuals to transport luggage.

Swimming Pool and Hot Tub

It’s also important to guests that your hotel provides them with a way to relax. For those with children, a pool may be ideal to keep them entertained and happy. For others, this might involve installing a hot tub or spa to help them unwind. No matter which one you ultimately decide to choose, these amenities are often very popular amongst guests and having one can increase the number of bookings you receive.

Strong Wi-Fi

Just because a guest is on vacation, it doesn’t mean that they’re ready to unplug. In fact, they might feel more attached to their devices than usual, trying to keep up to date on the happenings at home. Because of this, ready access to a strong internet connection is often key to their ability to enjoy themselves. This resource also supplies them with information about your location and what’s available to them there. So, be sure you’re providing them with the best during their stay.